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Cold:Session/13 We met our corruption deductible, but still have our corruption copay

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Starring: 💳 Ciarán, 🗽 Quinn, 📎 John, introducing 👧 Aelita, and saying goodbye to 🧟‍♂️ Louis
Guest Starring: Dr. Briggita Montoya, Bertie Holmes (CIA), Oukranos (Chthonic Dynamo),
Challenge: Paine Station getting raided by US troops; Recon Team; Electromagnetic trap; Soldiers making their way to the Chthonic Dynamo;
Location: Paine Station
Date Played: 23 Feb 2023

Aelita's "birth"

Conference room and floor 1 of Paine Station

🗽 Quinn: My mother and her allies left via a murder-enabled cthonic portal after telling me to kill off my team. Not wanting to go with the plot of selling out the entirety of humanity, I need the team to help me stop my mother. Once out of the conference room, I find Ciaran, Louis, a tiny blonde girl, and a big tattooed dude. We group up to try to get off the station, though we need to make a detour to get to plans of the Kissinger so we can then blow it up. I should also try to free the dynamo...

Paine Station 1.jpg

Floor 2 of Paine Station—traps, trouble, and goodbye to Louis

🗽 Quinn: My relationship with the cadaver american, Louis, has had its ups and downs. For the last bit it almost looked like I should remove him from my hit list...and then we run into American Marines and rather than letting them alone and dealing with them in a surreptitious way, he tries to draw their attention. That is a step too far, so I move to kill him. I use his master password and attack, but he breaks the hold and does some weird stuff with his joints and escapes into the ducts.

Paine Station 2.jpg