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Cold:Session/6 Quinn's Homecoming

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Traveling to Moon Base Liberty

💳 Ciarán A call arrived with a special offer for the "scenic trip to your destination, using up the last of your pre-paid credits" [by Hamm]. A fax of the contract/info arrives, and on it there's a hand-written note about Moonbase Liberty not exactly being available right now because it's under US blockade. We searched the ship, and found that we had a US Space Command transponder to land as USS Joseph Smith, with the copilot of the name Leia (registered as Hawaiian). We changed our colors and were able to get through the blockade.

🧟‍♂️ Louis: So Ciarán is a little short on cash after the outlays at our last stop, so getting to Luna is a challenge. Also, the voices are starting to make a lot more sense. They're hungry, and I mean, wouldn't you be hungry after all those aeons? Just starving… - wait. What was I saying? KAR Ground gives us a heads up- there's a blockade- only Americans down onto the Moon. Stupid territorial nonsense, the kind of shit that gets people (like me) killed. So I'm put into the awkward position of being an American pretending to be a Korean pretending to be an American. Layers.

🎲 DM: The blockade of Moon Base Liberty was the USS America, the USS Constitution, and the newly minted US warship, the USS Kissinger.

Delivering “the Script”

💳 Ciarán Quinn get arrested on arrival. I stayed with them long enough to make sure they were safe (apparently Quinn's mother is Montoya -- of *that* Montoya family -- and does this kind of stunt all the time. Louis was forbidden to work under import restrictions. John did his usual "disappearing on the job". Which left ME to drag our delivery to where it needed to go. Since the red-white-and-blue isn't so jolly here, I transferred the delivery into my own suitcases (thanks, CIA, for buying me luggage -- twice!) and dragged them toward our destination while waiting for someone, anyone, to join me in handing it over.

The delivery is going to a person named Morgan, who is one of Quinn's old acquaintances and onetime betrothed. They were quite surprised to see one another (MBL isn't that big!), but more in the situation. They made a date for later. The faces Quinn keeps making are... conflicted. Morgan promises to arrange a meet-and-greet with her next point of contact up.

🧟‍♂️ Louis: I'm prohibited, by law, from working. They know I'm a Residual Human Resource, and their protectionism kicks in. I'm taking a fucking vacation. The last time I got a break, I spent it dead, so this is a great time. There are go-karts! On the moon!

🗽 Quinn: As per usual, Mother needed to make a statement when I got on station and had my fellow marines arrest me. I don't hold it against them, but it is getting annoying. Even more annoyingly, Cotton comes by to smother me in his pandering words. He has always been my mothers man, and therefore untrustworthy. I am eventually let out, and I lose Cotton quickly. I help run stuff to our contact and end up running into Morgan Bentley as our contact. They have definitely grown into a strong person, and I find myself reacting where I thought I had left it behind.

After that I go see my mother. Despite my wanting....no, needing, to get out from under her thumb to the best of my ability, I tell her everything. I am a Moonbase Marine, and the Montoyas *are* Moonbase Liberty. She tells me that she is part of the Walezzi, and tells me that our next contact had a hand in my fathers murder. She asks me to kill him, and has picked the very topic where even my need to defy authority doesn't get in the way. Father Bracchiolini will die.

I ask her about my doppleganger and I learn that I am part of a set of triplets, and the other two were given away. The way she said it...not being able to afford more than one child...I am not sure it ends there, and my suspicion is that my mother isn't telling me everything. I need to find them, though, and...just see.

Repo Man

💳 Ciarán Louis did something terrible, we all just know it.

🧟‍♂️ Louis: Ham doesn't pay his bills. Color me shocked. The repoman is going to be a problem, and I know how to deal with problems. I bounce a fire extinguisher off his face, drag him into the ship, strangle him, and then chop him up into bite sized pieces so the engine doesn't choke this time.

It likes the meal.

Dinner at Luna's Liberty

💳 Ciarán Feeling odd while the two of them are dating, I chat with Cotton, Quinn's butler/keeper/minder. I convince Cotton it's OK to ditch them and take him to some Company joints and have him run up quite the bill on the Montoya family charge card.

We take up passengers (one being Cotton) and cargo and head to our next destination.

🧟‍♂️ Louis: Porn? Priests are boring as hell, aren't they. Oh, but I have a plush Neil Armstrong. Neil is my copilot.

🗽 Quinn: Dinner goes swimmingly. Morgan and I hit it off like we never even stopped dating. We fit together like giddy puzzle pieces. It just feels right. As the night progresses, our relationship catches up to where we left off...and then takes off to new heights. One thing leads to another, I find a section of O-Ring from the colony ship, I come up with something truly sappy, kneel down and ask them to marry me. That same night we tie the knot. I know this is what my mother wanted, but she was the furthest thing from my mind.