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Cold:Session/7 Floating Bubbles of Chunky Vomit

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Christmas at Immaculate Conception Station

🗽 Quinn: It wasn't a conscious thought, but as I stepped foot on the station it hit me. I never thought I'd come to this station as a passenger. I only ever thought I'd come for war...in a way, I guess I have. I have a mission, but it isn't the kind of thing I really envisioned myself doing. I became Mommy's Little Assassin in such a subtle journey that I never saw it coming.

I can only hope that it isn't a path I can never escape from.

💳 Ciarán Oh boy, it's Christmas all over. While it's good profits for most industries, in ours, it's not so much. People find remorse this season. Oh well, it's only a couple of months before they return to their wicked ways. I check in with my distant colleagues at the Jesuit temple on station (no one I knew from Loyola is there, which is no surprise). I ask about "Cardinal Camerlengo" and I get strange reactions. They tell me it's the name of a seat, not a person. One Valfredo Talone, a bull-dog of a man, has the position now. Most don't seem to like him very much.

While checking out other parts of the base, I see "Hamm" almost get syringed and abducted by a couple of men. I was able to intervene in time -- barely -- to stop it, but we weren't able to catch up with the men who attempted it.

🧟‍♂️ Louis: I'm an undead revenant who has arrived at the Vatican space station just in time for Hanukah. No, I don't practice, obviously. And my family never did Hanukah, and I never had any of that envy for the Goym kids. Still, it's weird. It's also weird that there's a Temple, and that the rabbi is practically a clone of the one I knew growing up. They both had the same boring drone.

Meet with Secretary Poggio Bracchiolini in his office at The Institute for Works of Religion (Vatican bank)

💳 Ciarán I help everyone engineer reasons to get into the controlled part of the Vatican station. Louis and John go in as a pair, Quinn and I go in as another. We each have our own business, but are seen together into Bracchiolini's suite.

🗽 Quinn: I...may...have...acted...rashly...

My target was our contact, and in our first meeting with him, I had thought he was done with us, completely forgetting that we needed to get information from him after doing a job for him. My mind was entirely focused on the fact that he had information on my father's death. Initially, I had meant to just get the information from him, figuring that we were ostensibly allies and he'd be honest. He deflected every question, and never seemed to understand who I was...or maybe he did, I don't know. Next thing I remember, the letter opener was in his eye, and my mind was working on how to cause the bathroom facilities to explode while making it look like an accident.

After the...bathroom accident, it took only a little of the CIA pharmacology to get us all vomitting, cementing the accident like nature of it all. We got away with it, but I feel like my lack of focus could have doomed us all. I need to be careful, these people are my allies right now, but I can't forget that they all have their own motives, just as I do.

💳 Ciarán I have no idea why Quinn did what they did, but it's not good. I urge John to find some way to help us sell our cover stories, and he comes up with a violent expectorant for us all. It works. Louis engineered it to look like a station accident with the toilets. I am not very happy with what happened here, especially since my name and reputation are so strongly attached to the visit. But, the Swiss Guard seem content with our interviews after the fact.

There was much hullabaloo about translations of a Morse code message and exactly what it meant. Apparently there's an important contact, Jill Kampf, on the base that might be helpful for us to find.

After all of this, I dump a load of papers in the hands of Arabella Sardi, a reporter that John had made acquaintance with earlier. A whole bunch of evidence from Bracchiolini's office, Jill Kampf's story and info (apparently she's a "hostage but not" on the base due to potentially damning information she has), and we offer her a way off the base to safety so she can sift through and publish it. She declines, leaves the ship, and vanishes. John gets letters that Arabella was his contact here -- a bit too late. She's not able to be found, though we do all have her beeper number.

As we decide what we're going to do next, John fills out some forms to pay some of Hamm's bills so maybe we'll get fewer kidnapping and repossession attempts.

🧟‍♂️ Louis: Someone tried to assassinate me! With poison of all things. But then again, they think I'm Ham. There's some forgeries involved in getting in to Poggio, who has a deal for us: kill the reporter Arabella Sardi and he'll tell us about Jill Kampf. Oh, specifically he wants me to pull the trigger. Which is a choice, but it's rendered irrelevant instantly as Quinn redecorates the office with the rear portion of Poggio's skull.

Well, at least I'm not the monstrous lunatic today. And I'm prohibited from being one- no one likes my plan to puppeteer Poggio's corpse through cthonic energy. Quinn instead offers to dispose of the body by framing an accident with a vacuum toilet. The result is we take a bath 400 lbs of priest gore.

The story has a happy ending: we get the docs we need without having to kill Arabella. We meet Arabella back at the ship, and she has information. And Cotton DID NOT GET GEESE. We need to feed the engines, Cotton. We need to feed them.

In other news: we work for the CIA. Ham's debts are risking our cover. I'm filing a goddamn expense report.

🎲 DM Morse code note from the Walezi to Poggio.

Ham was sloppy on his last job. Do not tell him about Jill Kampf. Have him terminate the reporter Arabella Sardi. We will move him up if Ham is efficient and tell him about Jill.

Daryl's raw notes of Jill Kampf's bit:

John finds a dossier on Jill Kampf. Louis used to work with Jill K -- one of his old bosses who defected to Vatican a while ago. She's in 60s after interrogations/prisoner basically.

-> She has info Walezi wants -> Wants the financial review documents from The Institute for Works of Religion (Vatican bank)’s investments in Beacon Station.

Also additional information: Jill Kampf's contact info. [also useful to reporter -- sequestering scientists]