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Cold:Session/8 Killing Him A Second Time

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Starring: 💳 Ciarán, 🧟‍♂️ Louis, 🗽 Quinn
Guest Starring: Poggio Bracchiolini, Jill Kampf, Two plainclothes Swiss Guard, Two dumb kidnappers
Location: Immaculate Conception Station
Date Played: 06 Oct 2022

🎲 DM: 📎 John was elsewhere with Arabella during all this.

Visiting Jill Kampf in Hospice Care

Poggio is in the ICU; Cairan is Kidnapped

🗽 Quinn: Louis and I went to visit Poggio in the hospital. I got to test out his 'root password', so that will be an interesting thing to bring up later. Poggio turned out to actually still be alive...somehow. Seems he sold himself hardcore to some cthonic entity. The Swiss Guard came in and accosted us, but we somehow got away with Poggio's head...and he was still alive.

Jill's Dying Wish—Art Vandalism

Daryl's Raw Notes

Session 8 - 2022october06

swiss guard arrives. grill us (hamm) about the dead stewardess. we're ordered to stay on base beeper given to louis

jill is in hospice care st. sebastian's hospice care private room


Jill says: "Poggio is in St. Mary's recovering."

She has papers. We'll get it. She asks, if we can. Michelangelo's David is on board. She wants us to deface it (cut the dick off it). Status is in the museum... it's in a vacuum, behind 6" bulletproof glass.

She gives us super-complicated directions to get proof. There are other papers.

  • Current POTUS was involved in Beacon Station when they were a senator.
  • Was part of the process of building Beacon Station.
  • Paperwork proves they cut tons of corners and embezzled/friends.

L&Q @ICU to visit steal key pass get in, dr & nurse. poggio isn't dead. is chthonic they take the head and run

I check out statue, don't get useful info Return to ship: I'm compelled, knocked out and kidnapped on "little black book of vatican johns". They think I can be ransomed. I "buy them" to be the fall-guys.

      • We finally learn that Louis has been feeding the reactor. Too much. It's gaining weight.

How do we dispose of the head? ->Perpetually growing-fed to engine. "Farm it for eternity."

"It must be the Tab and not the mushroom soup!"

Quinn's mother sends message: "I need Poggio's contact list/rolodex." Also: Quinn's wife is hurt.

Montage to deface David. * plans * drill * sneak lewis in * bad guys fall * we 'resources' to broadcast it SUCCESS

Chewie needs new batteries.