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Disposable:Junior Braves Survival Guide to the Apocalypse:4 Do You Want Your Ass Kicked by A Cripple?!

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Starring: 🌽 Zeb, 📝 Rachel, 🚬 Larry, and 🦿 Jamie
Guest Starring: Carla (Larry's mom); Uriah (Zeb's cousin); Pip, Paul, and Penny; Nelson "Longdrive" O'Dool
Challenge: Pip, Paul, and Penny; Military
Location: Rachel's apartment; Outside on the railroad tracks; On the highway
Date Played: 21 Feb 2021

Food Thugs

🌽 Zeb: Pip, Paul, and Penny knock on the door. They are asking for food. Jamie yells "do you want your ass kicked by a cripple?!" They, the football team, bursts through the door. Larry hits one with the flat of the fire ax and they go running.

Military Breakdown

🌽 Zeb: We leave and as we head south the dam breaks and starts flooding the city. At the railroad crossing, there is a broken-down army humvee filled with people. We drive by to check on the people. Rachel distracts the army men while Zeb and Larry go into the back to talk to the people. Zeb is not convinced there is a problem but Larry stirs up a couple of the "herd" people. The herd people charge and Larry directs them to the army men. We discover that these aren't army men, but their logo says Dept of Energy.

Rachel throws her pumpkin pants at one of the guys, who starts clawing his face, transforming into a Neanderthal. We quickly get in the vehicles and head for the next town.

Dumb Mad Max

🌽 Zeb: Nelson "Longdrive" O'Dool, comes zooming behind us, honking wildly. Jamie says "What is this, dumb Mad Max?" Jamie rams their spyder (car) and it doesn't go well. Then Rachel decides that she is going to ram their car.

Larry knocks one out of the back of the truck. Zeb tries to get the army truck to swerve but Rachel stops him. The boy gets run over and Zeb is in shock.

Neighboring Town of Hollaquat

🌽 Zeb: Hollaquat (town) has no power. There are some military vehicles on the side of the road, but they are damaged. A single helicopter is flying quite high in the sky. There is random gunfire.