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Duck:02 Transylvania

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Starring: File:Corabellaicon.gif Corabella, File:Meowicon.gif Dr. Meow, File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter
Guest Starring: Stan the Cameraman, Mr. Duck-san, FILL ME IN
Challenge: Magica DeSpell, hounds, more?
Location: Duckburg, Transylvania
Date Played: 04 March 2014

Episode 2

File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: Well, with a charming bunch of dumb ducks like us, how could they not want to run another episode? The competition might be over, but they have a fresh challenge for us: find out if a rumored vampire lives in Transylvania.

File:Corabellaicon.gif Corabella: So, I was approached by Pelt - a Weasel if I ever knew one - to be on Episode Two: It seems that even though my team lost the airship race the viewers "liked" me, so the producers want me to stay on for a new challenge with a new team. The challenge: find out if a certain vampire - Drake Von Vladestone AKA Count Dracula Duck (shhh!!) - lives in Transylvania. I am intrigued.

Preparations and Travel

File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: There's just one problem: nobody knows where Transylvania actually *is*. It's been wiped off the maps. We do a little snooping, and we can track down a shipment bound for the region, lock it down to a specific port, basic tracking/bounty stuff. This isn't the first time I've searched for someone without a valid mailing address.

A little international travel later, and we've reached a port town where some locals know the rumors of the infamous Count. Once again, there's a problem: nobody wants to get terribly specific.

File:Corabellaicon.gif Corabella: I met Stan the Camera Man - as well as Doctor Meow and Sam who are to be my partners on this journey. They were on the winning team from the previous episode, winning with ingenuity and admirable trickery. Trouble is, no one seems to know where Transylvania is, it has been erased off the maps. The search continued and we found an old shipment bound towards Transylvania, located the port, and made a decision to travel internationally to Duckslvania. We arrive but receive little help from the locals until some weird little man came and told us of his grandmothers frightful carriage ride from her dark homeland. With his aid we located the region where Drake Von Vladestone supposedly resides.

Party Boat

File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: We manage to get one local to cough up the goods, and that lets us make a plan: sail up river until we can't go any farther, and we travel on foot from there. We want to be stealthy, though, so we need to travel under cover. Using our stipend, we rent a barge, and buy enough cheap, crappy, local beer to run a party. As a "party barge", we have enough cover to justify sailing up river, handing out drinks and milling the locals for info.

Along the way, the engine conks out, there's a little drama, but we get things together and put our beaks to the grindstone. There's some suspicion that Magica Dispell sabotaged the boat.

File:Corabellaicon.gif Corabella: So we set up a Goodwill Cruise to sail up the river incognito until the end of the line - so to speak; after which, we will travel on foot to our destination. We have loads of fun with the locals and I love being at the helm of a boat, so it was a pleasant journey until the engine stalls out. The passengers panic at first but we started handing our party favors, drinks, etc. and things calmed down eventually. However, when I was dealing the passengers I saw a duck woman, dressed in all black, laughing as she walked away from the shore and into the dark woods. When I shared this information with Doctor Meow and Sam, they suggested that it could be Magica Dispell. Why she we would to sabotage our boat remains to be seen.

I also had a drink Dr. Meow made, it was delicious but absolutely radioactive. Dr. Meow is clear the mad scientist type, but some of his inventions can be loads of fun - especially his fireworks! But I rather not look too far underneath that lab coat, for every Hyde there is always a Jekyll.

Send out the Hounds!

File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: Eventually, the party ends, and our guests are off the barge. We find a small village, obviously spooked by outsiders, and start trekking up the hill towards what we believe is our destination. Along the way, we're beset by a pack of hounds- hell-hounds, that is. They ruffle our feathers and basically ruin our day- but we ruin theirs straight back.

File:Corabellaicon.gif Corabella: We have reached the end of the line! We found a trail that supposedly leads to the vampire lair. However I wanted to do a little scouting first - so I had Dr. Meow commission a helicopter. It was just as strange as he was, I had to fly the damn thing with my beak: but it worked all the same. I learned the trail and made copies of the map for my partners in case we got split up.

We began the trail and were attacked by 6 slobbering hounds. I am absolutely useless in a fight but I was able to help hold them off and in the end as a group ran them off. And just as the ruckus settled down, the same woman in black appeared in the woods, Magic Dispell for sure this time, and cast some spell - but apparently it didn't work; or, at least not in the way she wanted because she got pretty angry and departed in quite the hurry. I guess we will have to wait to see the effects of her failed Hocus Pocus.



🎲 DM Mosquito compel on Corabella is still hanging (already paid).