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Duck:03 Castle von Vladstone

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Starring: File:Corabellaicon.gif Corabella, Poyoicon.gif El Poyo, File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter
Guest Starring: Stan the Cameraman, Mina
Challenge: Magica, Dracula duck (Vladstone)
Location: Transylvania, Castle von Vladstone, Dumpseldorf
Date Played: 18 March 2014


Poyoicon.gif El Poyo: I decided to stop taking a back-seat in this adventure and take a more active role. Just in time, too, as Dr. Katz started to feel a little sick. That's what he gets for eating all of that glowing food he makes.

Corabella said there was no village leading up to the castle when she did a fly-over, but we somehow ran into one. On our way there, though, Magica cast a spell on us that make things a little wonkey and made me feel a bit weak.

A sign out front claimed it as Dumpseldorf. You couldn't argue with it; it was a dump. We made nice with the locals during their celebration, though we had to pay for it in the morning. They put us to some hard labor, and situations kept coming up that tried to keep us in the village. We felt it was a trap, or something close to it, so we proceeded to the castle.

File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: The village was not the kind of joint you want to loiter in, even when they're in the middle of a party. And what a party it was- the kind of shindig that involves more pretzels and booze than a yoga class for strippers.

The town gangs up, trying to find ways to distract us, split us up, and basically keep us from going on up to the castle. Eventually, they set something on fire, and we make our way up- while the bridge burns down behind us.


Poyoicon.gif El Poyo: The way to the castle did not go smoothly. Not only did we end up getting tarred and fured, but we also had a fire from the village burn out behind us.

We eventually made it to the castle and were somewhat reluctantly invited inside. We were led to the banquet hall where we were told that Vladstone would be with us eventually. I had my fill of food, though many hours went by without him showing up. After Corabella left to look for him, I soon felt it was best to split up and do the same. I had a feeling he was in the kitchen, so I made my way there.

I got a bit lost, but I eventually made my way there. It was empty when I got there, but I found lots of blood when I arrived. In fact, the blood was being stored in barrels. I took some in a mug with me to help prove that Vladstone was a vampire.

File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: There's some confusion, and they think that we're honored guests. That's a bit of a laugh, considering the lot I rolled in with, but we do our best with it. We end up splitting up, poking around the joint, and basically getting ourselves embarrassingly lost.

Magicka and Glomgold roll in just as we get back together.


Poyoicon.gif El Poyo: It was hard to get Vladstone to admit he was a vampire. We started off a little rocky, letting him know that it would help his pocket books. Things turned around when Corabella brought out some love notes from Mina. But, we found out later, that she was dead, or something along those lines. That meant, back in the town, she was having ghost babies!

Despite all of this, he eventually admitted with less than a half heart he was a vampire. That is good enough to be cleaned up in editing to make it sound more convincing, so our job was done here.

File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: I've turned bums over to the bulls on flimsier confessions than this, and I'm certainly not going to lose any sleep over this creepy guy getting turned into a tourist attraction. Dumpsville is well on its way to being a fang-banger amusement park, and he's more than welcome to ride herd on that creepshow.


🎲 DM i'll fill this in...