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NW:2 Pitor Killed the Captain

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Starring: Sedeq-icon.gif Sedeq, Brenton-icon.gif Brenton, Pitor-icon.gif Pitor, and Falcon-icon.gif Falcon
Guest Starring: Eleanor Oaksey, Billy Younder, Ester Frey, Crayborn Frey, Arry Frey, Edwin Bainbridge, and introducing Dario Nardozzi, Maud Steed, and Amabel
Challenge: Wild Dogs; Sheep, Billy Younder, Confusion
Location: Aboard the The Stranger's Bride
Date Played: 01 Feb 2011

Sedeq tends to the girl/A pig goes missing/My magnets are crazy!

Brenton-icon.gif Brenton: Ah, the joy of polarizing filaments. I love working on such an easy task for it allows my mind to wander. I wandered a bit more than expected, as it appears that my compass was running wild. It would spin wildly, occasionally pointing in a random direction. To check on this, I made a second. Though crude, it did the same thing as the original one I made.

Most likely, it is due to us traveling over a ley line. It doesn't feel too strong, but it must be attuned to magnetic fields. Nothing I can really do but turn them into Billy. He took them without thanks, as expected. I swear, I wouldn't help the man if he was being ravaged by a pack of wild dogs!

Falcon-icon.gif Falcon: Time at sea far from dull. More live stock has gone missing again another pig. I find my self standing watch in the hold again and asking the crew if someone had need kill pig for no reason. The other Sedeq aided in the healing of the young lady from the other ship. Pitor drinks wine and what else he does in the course of the day. Brenton keeps making a compass at least trying be helpful. I have ill feeling trouble is brewing.

Pitor-icon.gif Pitor: We profit richly from the captured vessel. The others seem more excited about it, than I am. Wealth doesn't make true art, after all. Still, I think the inconvenience of this entire experience is good for me- suffering is the core of good art.

All hands on deck for jobs

Brenton-icon.gif Brenton: It looks like most of the people that came here to colonize are going to be assigned jobs. It is a good thing I didn't come here to do such. The work I must has their colonization pale in its magnitude. They "threatened" to give jobs to those that don't sign up, but I feel I am exempt as I am only here as an overflow passenger.

It appears that Falcon and Sedeq signed up to be in the scouting party as expected. What took me as a shock was Pitor signed up as well. He doesn't seem to be the type built for that kind of work. Talk about breaking a probability table!

They have tried to talk me into it, and they pose some valid points. If I am truly forced to, the scouting party is where I may be. It will give me the most opportunities to collect samples from this land. Also, it would be good to be surrounded by some strong arms as well.

Falcon-icon.gif Falcon: All hands on the deck the nobles and money people map out there plans. For our arrival to the new land. I find myself looking forward to seeing new land. The moment of a happy thought then dashes flashes from home.

Pitor-icon.gif Pitor: I didn't pay very much attention when they handed out jobs to the other people. It wasn't until Sedeq pressed upon me the wonders of untamed lands as a source of artistic inspiration, and the possibility of meeting strange natives that I even considered embarking on something like scouting. But the deed is done- I'll be on the scouting party. I can't say I'm entirely enthused by the idea.

Billy is attacked by the captain's dogs

Brenton-icon.gif Brenton: I didn't help him. I was more concerned about the stories of the mass amount of animals that went crazy on the ship. I decided to go to the steerage and check on the animal there. They were all calm, so I headed back after getting my knife and my toolkit. By the time I get back, the fight was over. Pitor was a bit excited over killing a dog. It almost overshadowed the fact he suffered a grievous wound.

I decided to clean his room and gather a little evidence on what could have caused the dogs to attack him. His door was not well locked, so I let myself in. Inside, I found a half finished sigil that looked like one of warding done in blood, as well as spell components and a few other things that rang of the arcane. There were also some bloody sheets and clothes. After finding this information I decided to clean up a bit of the room. Some of the blood samples are a bit old, but I may be able to make something of them in a few days.

Falcon-icon.gif Falcon: Shorty after meeting on deck. We took our about half way. We heard scream I rush to sound with out thinking the tale of my life. To find the 1st mate being attack by the captain dogs. I dispatch two with my deadly bit of my whip. To my shock I found other noble drop one. I found myself inter lock with biggest and meanest dog i was landing strong punches. I have killed rabbited dogs before this manner. But this damn hound would not drop. At the end of the combat I catch glimpse of blood drawing on his door similar that found on the hull of the ship few week before. I must learn about magic.

Pitor-icon.gif Pitor: I don't believe I should be drinking rum. Contrary to all sanity, the alcohol caused me to rush into a pack of wild dogs. I batted one down and was feeling like quite the adventurer, when suddenly a second mauled me. I bled a great deal. It was absolutely terrible. But Sedeq's talents set it right, and I think the scar it leaves will be something I can impress the ladies with.


Brenton-icon.gif Brenton: While cleaning, some guards came by and heard me inside. They questioned my presence but were not too concerned. Evidently something was going on above deck and no one was allowed to see. I got a bit curious, and made my way to a stairwell. The guards wouldn't let me pass and made a weak excuse that the stairwell was under repair. As to not make liars out of them, I set the stairs aflame. Not a big fire, mind you, but enough to be a distraction.

As expected, their minds went to their primitive state and panicked at the mere sign of fire. I took the opportunity to take charge and put the fire out with a blanket from my pack. Once done, I made my way to the deck.

I was a bit shocked to find Billy cutting a sigil into Arry while the blood dripped down onto a sheep. It was a strange scene and I couldn't parse out exactly what the ritual was. I could only tell it was some sort of binding ritual. I decided to stay uninvolved and watch. Billy tried to use some sort of mind power on me but failed, twice. I warned him not to try a third time.

I never found out if he was going to take my advice as Falcon came charging and brandishing his weapon. Billy quickly turned his attention onto Falcon, which freed me up to use a slight bit of magnetism to disarm Billy, putting a stop to some of the bloodshed so we can at least figure out what is going on. Luckily, Falcon's sense of honor had him using his fist so Billy would only be knocked out.

Crayborn eventually got involved as well. This is when things started to take a turn for the worse. Sedeq then ran up and clubbed the sheep. The chaos started to run a bit thick and I decided to get the captain to end all of this. To my dismay, I found Pitor standing over the bloody corpse of the captain. I fear his dog-killing lust has spilled over into the human realm. I yell for help, as this situation has become more involved than I could have predicted.

Falcon-icon.gif Falcon: Fire rang out across the ship. My blood rushing ran to the deck as fast I could to help. Then the horror hit the 1st mate string up and craving on Arry (a.k.a Castle Rat). Flash of full memory dark times of my life. I climb up the mast and to fill the 1st mate use some power trying to rip into soul and control me. It slowed me but I didn't stop. I made way to the mast. The battle started my fists found him but his will seems to be as strong as mind. To my horror other who I was thinking that might be friend doing nothing as this injustice be done to child. If I survive this battle I will have no friends just more possible foes.

Pitor-icon.gif Pitor: Crewman told me that I could not return to my cabin. They weren't even officers. As if I'd take orders from the likes of them- and no one can tell me that I cannot go where I please. With the same skill it takes to distract a jealous husband, I slipped past them and saw Arrey being tortured by the first-mate as part of some ritual. The same mate we rescued from the captain's dogs. It was obvious that something was Not Right here. Falcon set out, unsurprisingly, to settle the issue with force of arms. Fighting the entirety of the crew struck me as unpleasant, so instead, I went to the captain's cabin. The first mate was obviously exceeding his authority, and possibly mad. The captain could put an end to this quickly.

Well, aside from the fact that he lay slaughtered. And now Brenton has accused me of killing the captain? With what weapon?

Dramatic cliffhanger

  • Falcon-icon.gif Falcon fights against the magics of Billy and the blades of a crewman on the mast.
  • Sedeq-icon.gif Sedeq races to get people on the deck, in the hopes of sorting this out, after first beaten a sheep to near death.
  • Brenton-icon.gif Brenton finds Pitor-icon.gif Pitor in the captains quarters, with pieces of the captain's insides strewn throughout, yelling "Pitor killed the Captain!"
  • Crayborn is disabled by two crewmen while fighting for Arry, who hangs from the mast by his hands, unconscious.

Pitor-icon.gif Pitor's Session Poem

Dogs attack and rend,
Daring fight and then,
Disabled by sickle-nails Pitor is wan,
Death is near but Falcon's fists do win,
Doctor's ministrations do mend.

Safer things hold Pitor's mind but,
Soon there are strange signs and passage above decks is blocked,
Snakes and Pitor have the stealth to ascend the stairs,
Some others ascend in fire and Brenstone,
Sergeants and officers hold court with wound-plows,
Son Arrey is held and accused of witchery,
Sir Falcon sees this,
Sword raised and,

"Doth the captain know this ill thing?" Pitor cried,
"Dare the mate act thus?" and he went to the captain,
Desiring to save his friends, he finds the captain,


My notes make it look like we covered everything above. --Mqs 17:29, 15 March 2011 (UTC)

  • Amabel was found with something in her hand. She's frightened and pretending to sleep a lot.
  • Maude (serves Mother) is taking care of her. They speak the same 'high language'.
  • Eleanor reports another pig is missing.
  • Meet Dario the Italian.
  • Magnets mess up more near the ley line.
  • All-hands deck meeting to build morale until landing.
  • Landing duties selected/assigned.
  • Sgt Major Halden is leading the scouts when we land.
  • Master Sgt. West is leading the Hunters.
  • Falcon and Sedeq sign up for scouting, sign Pitor up for it (and convince him of it). Brenton was already on that list, despite wanting building.
  • Amabel has a cameo of her family.
  • She was illustrating on the other ship. She's drawn a scene of animals (monkies and horses) overrunning the other ship.
  • The captain was seen and smells of booze, with a pack of dogs around him.
  • (later) Billy attacked by dogs. Dogs do look/act (eyes) like they are possessed.
  • Falcon notices a blood sigil on the back of Billy's door.
  • We save Billy. Pitor does well in combat.
  • The Freys report that Arry is missing.
  • Forbidden from the deck.
  • Pitor talks his way up, Brenton burns the deck and ascends in confusion.
  • Falcon comes in during confusion, sees Arry tied up, charges to melee.
  • Sedeq stays uninvolved, except when it's obvious the sheep is possessed.
  • Pitor/Brenton try to get captain, who's a dead bloody mess.


Brenton-icon.gif BrentonTapping the Ley line: Over the course of the last several weeks you have managed to siphon enough energy fuel the Direct Electricity option of Energy Shaping a single time.

Pitor-icon.gif PitorA More Authentic Perspective: The encounter with the wild dogs was *authentic*, leading the muses to bless you to a new creative high, granting you a +4 to any single creative endeavor (Perform or Craft skill).

Falcon-icon.gif FalconPsychic Shield: The Warrior blesses you and coats your mind in armor. When you are the target of a power granting a Will saving throw, roll a psychic shield check with a +2 modifier. The attacker must make a power check using the attacking power. If your check result is higher, the power fails. If the attacker’s result is higher, the power affects you normally, but you still get your normal saving throw. Once used it fades away.

Sedeq-icon.gif SedeqDisease Free: When making a Fortitude saving throw against a disease, Sedeq may elect to take two levels of fatigue (None to Fatigued, Winded to Exhausted, Fatigued to unconscious) and in exchange may take 15. Usable once.