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Starring: Brock, Calum, Glinvizz, Haneet, Hilma, Isra'a, Karaz
Guest Starring: Madame Mvashti, Ameiko Kaijitsu
Challenge: Madame Mvashti's home; The Catacombs of Wrath
Location: Sandpoint and below
Date Played: 04 April 2015

The Shortest Dungeon Crawl Ever

Chapter 1: Burnt Offerings - Part 3: Glass and Wrath


The old soothsayer turned herself in - stopped a burglar in the act. I must say, given her 'magical' prowess, I suspect she could have stopped him rather than kill him. Fool for getting himself killed. I was tasked with helping the search of her residence. It looked to go as she told it, I can't fault the others for releasing her. I will fault them for granting her so much reverence, I don't trust her. Or I plain don't like her - either way, I'm glad to be through with her.
Well, just what we need; more murder any mayhem. This town just isn't what it used to be. I love Sandpoint, but it is a little too chaotic for my taste. Perhaps it is time I pick up my roots and move somewhere more quiet. I think it would be best for me to stay out of this whole business and just do some law research to find the best punishment for Mvashti, if she should get any to begin with. I just hope everyone else can behave...
Dear Hilfred, I have much to report. Things in this town have become far more dangerous and, frankly, more exciting than I had anticipated when I first came here several months ago to see the cathedral and witness its dedication. The local fortune teller (a woman of truly remarkable talents, truth be told) actually turned herself in for justice after she killed an alleged intruder in her home. Our wizard had heard tell of this young man's rash plan to rob this woman earlier, and thus we found her story plausible. Of course, we did investigate further at her home. I must say, the crafty woman has secured her dwelling quite well and seems to have little to fear from anyone in this town. I doubt there are any here that could match her skill. At any rate, her story held water and we let her go on her way. Woe be to any others who try to cross her.

The Kaijitsu Legacy

Amiko now stands as head of her household - a shame in a way. I had planned to lighten the Kaijitsu coffers some, but this changes things. Now she has tasked us with exploring the secret entrance to her glassworks. It is likely to be dangerous, but it is also likely to be profitable.
I really don't want to look into this matter much. It sounds a bit dangerous, but one the same hand, I am curious. Missing cults and all that business does sound like a knowledge gap I'd like to fill. Also, it is the least we can do for Amiko for her so graciously putting us up. A fair trade is a fair trade.
Amiko, the local hero I wrote you of earlier, has inherited her family's business after the tragic death of her father. No matter the circumstances, that bastard son of his is to blame. He will now face the fiery justice of Torag. At any rate, there seems to be some sort of secret passage in the glassworks that she believes the goblins have been using to cause mischief. She's asked us to investigate.

The Catacombs of Wrath

After following the passage beneath the glassworks a way we came upon a narrow ledge that blocked our path. No problem here... wrong. We almost lost a share right away, first the old man showed his age and tumbled over the edge towards the sea. We managed to hold the rope and pull him back up. Once up he showed his temper and shoved Haneet over the edge. Another move like that and I might just have to forget to disarm a trap one day... I happen to like that little gnome.
Once inside the cave system we came upon a beast of water - it seemed to confine itself to the pool it resided in. I was given a chance to try out my new bow, courtesy of Tsuto. Once that was dispatched we continued on - I like taking point. Allows me a chance to eye up any potential trinkets first. My eyes were a little too big for my hands tho and I took several heavy slashes from a trap. It isn't right to use such a fine jeweled weapon in that way - I still mean to pry it loose.
Further in we happened across 2 monstrous looking abominations, I was able to loose a few arrows into them while the rest pushed in close and finished them off. Have I mentioned how much I hate goblins yet? Well, 3 armed ones are just as horrid. This bile spewing beasty alone was bad enough, but he managed to call forth a group of undead. I appreciate underhanded fighting as much as the next guy, but undead... that just isn't right.
I'm not an adventurer, I'm not an adventurer, I'm not an adventurer!!! For some reason these people scale the side of a dangerous cliff, pound animated water that did nothing to provoke them, set off traps, and throw themselves at mutant goblins and their ilk! So far, the only thing worthwhile was the old, mechanically animated statue of the Runelord of Wrath. It was an interesting find and something I look forward to writing about. Otherwise, this is an awful, awful place I find myself in.
The passageway led to a treacherous ledge, and I must admit to you that I took a bit of a tumble. Thankfully, the skills of my compatriots saved me, and I'm sure, given what we've seen so far, that I will not have to wait long to repay them. We entered a catacomb that had been hewn from the cliffs here. Decent work for non-Dwarves. There was a bizarre creature in a dark pool that seemed to be made of nothing more than water. It left me feeling uneasy, and I'm glad others were able to dispatch with it. It was far from the last nasty creature we met in those caves, however. We came across a statue of a rather angry looking woman, and it did indeed lash out at us as we attempted to pass by. We discovered a prison of some kind, and while there were no inmates left alive, there were two nasty creatures that seemed to be guards of some sort. They were easily dealt with, but then we ran into a rather large and nasty goblin that had enlisted the help of foul undead to do his dirty work. Of course, I was eager to return these foul creatures to the ground. They were no match for the power of Torag and the strength and skill of my companions.

DM-d20.jpg DM Section


Madame Mvashti's House
A23 - Environment
Brown mold
Climb/acrobatics checks
B1 - Guard Cave
Small Water Elemental w/unholy waters (CR2)
B3 - Welcoming Chamber
Trap: CR2 automatically resetting ranseur attack.
B6 - Ancient Prison
Pair of sinspawn (CR4)
B9 - Prisoner Pits (CR5)
Koruvus (mutant goblin fighter 3)
5 human zombies added after some rounds

Recap Reward

Before next session's day
You've grown to be more cautious. +2 to a save (or skill check, when appropriate) against a trap or environmental effect. (once, of course; this is reactive, not proactive [not disarming, for instance])
Above, but +1.
  • none
Not done
End of Chapter 2.