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Starring: Brock, Calum, Haneet, Hilma, Isra'a, Tokki
Guest Starring: Sheriff Hemlock, Mayor Deverin, Gogmurt, Shadowmist, Jubrayl Vhiski
Challenge: Below
Location: Sandpoint, Island off Thistletop
Date Played: 20 June 2015

Crab Milk

Chapter 2: Skinsaw Murders - Part 1: Side Jobs

Downtime Activities / Memories of Tokki


Lightning wit Breslin

His death will come from women
though make a great show

The hunter named Brock.

When this man comes a'knockin
no door holds him back.

Calum the hedge mage,

Bitter and cloistered with age
with hidden kindness

The wild one Haneet.

She knows nothing of patience
but mastered living.

Zealous dwarf Hilma

Pinnacle voice to the group
The true glue that binds

Israa, a thief

Rouge is just another name
and earns watchful eyes

Stoic, sad Karaz.

I wish he could find himself
and share strength within.

Paladins bleh – self righteous kill joys. As if tip toeing around a cleric wasn’t bad enough, now I have to avoid two sets of eyes. This Tokki seems to wise with the purse strings… whatever happened to tithing? Is that not a thing anymore? So he knows how to make a purse grow fatter – wonder if he knows how to keep it safe too?
Not that I ever would…
On to more important matters – me and my personal well being. Have to get patched up, once again I managed to get smacked with all kinds of nasty ailments. After that, I plan on getting good and drunk or at least looking that way – I’m sure someone would like to play cards.



Goblins at sunset

Travel in the horizon
I pray they don't rise

A town run by grief

Hopes and dreams are currency
The bank's in default

Did laying waste to the goblin tribe bring any kind of lasting peace? I seriously doubt it – goblins just can’t be trusted. For the time being – at least Sandpoint will have time to rebuild and perhaps be better prepared for the next time.

The Island


Promise of treasures

from a scoundrel by the looks.
Pray for no foul play

Island full of crabs

Giant, pinching, endless pests
A true Breslin isle.

Shadows obscure us

Wisp of the night in daylight
Tangled, not consumed.

So I heard one time that rum prevents scurvy – I’m not taking any chances since I know scurvy happens when you get on ships…
Ok too much rum, now we are on an island and I have no idea what is going on, something about a helmet? Crabs! Swarms and swarms of them and one an enormous one living inside a helmet. Now I use the term helmet loosely here that is more of a hut – no-one’s head is that big… ok maybe Breslin’s is. Big head and crabs… where is my half brother anyway?
We found a note pointing in the direction of treasure… now we are talking. Death or wealth… tough choice so we make our decision and head towards what we hope is wealth. Boy did that feel like we chose poorly. Some shadows were standing watch over the cache – I could learn some things from them.


DM-d20.jpg DM Section


Crab Mom ~= CR 6.5
Giant Hermit Crab (in armor) CR5
Crab Swarm CR4
Grounded Bunyip
Bunyip CR3
Buried Treasure
3x Shadows CR3 ea = CR 6

Recap Reward

Before July 4th
You can gain the benefits of the Blind Fight feat for 1 minute.
You can gain the benefits of the Blind Fight feat for 1 round.
End of Chapter 3.