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Starring: Calum, Haneet, Hilma, Tokki
Guest Starring: Brodert Quint
Challenge: Below
Location: Sandpoint, traveling, foothills of the Kodar mountains
Date Played: 2017 August 26

Recovery & What Next

Chapter 1: Spires of Xin Shalast - Part 1,2:

Recovery & Around Town

Tokki: We have lots of wounds to lick, and party members to change back from statues. There was also a mission to rescue Calum that left the part missing parts of their flesh. It sounds like they made a deal with a Lich. I now understand why they did that without Hilma or myself knowing; we both would have disapproved to the highest degree.

What next? & Travel

Tokki: After doing some research and parsing our some of the clues we've gotten at the Black Library, there are signs that point us to the Kodar mountains as a way we could possibly find our way to Xin Shalast. Its cold there; deathly so. We prepare with the best gear we can find to endure the elements and teleport as close as we can to the base of the mountain.

The Mining Camp

Tokki: The mining camp seems well abandoned. There is a twisted tree near the settlement that makes us feel uneasy, so we avoid it as best we can.

Once inside, we find that there are corpses strewn about and the telltale signs of abandonment and neglect. The cold has kept things well preserved. Despite the fact that the building still looks well put together, a sense of dread still hung in the air as we were set upon by the regrets and pain of restless spirits. Haneet took the brunt of their pain. Not surprising, as she is quite empathetic.

With a little snooping, we also find the source of the howls that we have been hearing in the distance. There is a creature known as a Windigo that inflicts a very strange, painful, and specific curse on those it comes across. One of the dwarves fell to this curse, causing it to cannibalize its fellow workers and retreat to the mountains.

We decided to find this fallen dwarf to get more clues. We set off into the mountain to only be beset by a blizzard when half way up. The group decides to continue on and find a plateau that the bosy would most likely be on. Weather conditions made seeing very difficult, but we came across the body near a long burnt out fire. The legs of the corpse were burnt off and it had a look of pain in its face.

Upon finding the corpse, we were met with a low rumbling below our feet. Not sure what is coming our way, we take arms.

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Recap Reward

1 spell level worth of a "wondrous potion/oil" of 6th level or lower; DRUID casting list. http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/coreRulebook/spellLists.html#druid-spells