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Starring: Calum, Haneet, Karaz, Tokki, Isra'a
Guest Starring: Clockwork Librarian; Peacock Spirit
Challenge: Below
Location: Black Library, foothills of the Kodar mountains
Date Played: 2017 September 30

Laying to Rest

Chapter 6: Spires of Xin Shalast - Part 2:

Ghost in the Snow & Purple Worm

Karaz:It was nice to see that everyone seems to be in good health and spirits. They did not seem to miss me very much, but I could not expect that they would. No questions about where I had been or how I was. Once again I am not sure if they are friends or not...at least they did not send me away. Today they were looking for a corpse, and we found it. Unfortunately we had to fight the worm for it. As a gravedigger corpseworms are normal, but they are so big here in the frozen wastes. More dangerous too I have to say. Plus the dead are restless here. Ghosts are difficult foes. But we succeeded against both the worm and the restless dead. I hope the corpse gets them what they needed.

Wendigo & Spirit at Rest

Karaz: The cabin here was better than some places I have stayed but the curses and the ghosts were less than inviting. My companions somehow attracted the attention of something called a wendigo? Or could it have been looking for me? Can one monster that eats people sense another? It doesn't matter. I helped them as best I could and the creature fell to their power. Supposedly we are going to a place that no one knows how to get to? The black library holds the answers they need. So I suppose we are heading there.

Library Research

Karaz: The library...not exactly my most useful area, but at least it is peaceful and safe. The metal man who runs this place could not help us, and my random attempts were less than stellar as well. It was Haneet who found what we needed. Of course we had to be drunk to see it. Was the picture magic or madness? Now that we have all gotten drunk together are we real friends? Next stop is Leng I hope, drunken teleports seem like bad ideas, but I wouldn't dare to speak out against it. Hope I live to help a bit more. *burp * Oh everything is all wobbly...or am I?

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Recap Reward

1 spell level worth of a "wondrous potion/oil" of 4th level or lower; PALADIN casting list. http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/coreRulebook/spellLists.html#paladin-spells