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Starring: Hilma, Haneet, Karaz, Tokki, Isra'a
Guest Starring: Svevenka
Challenge: Below
Location: Black Library, foothills of the Kodar mountains
Date Played: 2017 September 30

Sighting Xin-Shalast

Chapter 6: Spires of Xin Shalast - Part 2,3:


Karaz: The pretty lady kept us safe and helped us get sober. Said we had helped her relative. I remember that time, but there were no gold sparkles here to make Haneet love me. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad one. I know that love is not real, not for me anyway, but it is still the happiest few days I can remember. The air is thin here and hard to breathe but we are adjusting slowly. We will rest here for a while until my companions are fit to continue.

Treacherous Journey

Karaz: So the path to Leng is long and hard. When has any thing in my life been easy? The weather is cold and unpleasant, the footing treacherous, and the river cold and forbidding. And of course when I can't wear my flying boots we get attacked by thunderbirds. They taste ok, but fighting creatures hundreds of feet in the air is not pleasant. I can get up there ok, but the frozen ground is very hard when you come back down. But I helped. The birds did not get Hilma and that is all that matters. I would fall any distance to protect them. And we got an all you can eat dinner out of the bargain too. Then we get attacked at night by a vampire while everyone is sleeping. Of course they are not likely to attack during the day are they? I struggled mightily with that foe, fearing for my own life. But if it is lost it is. Who will morn the passing of one who eats monsters? As long as they are safe it is enough. Plus if she feels generous Hilma can reverse even death. The strength of my companions astounds sometimes. I cannot close the wounds of others, stay the hand of death, or invoke the power of the cosmos, yet I can see them do it, and even help them on occasion. I wish sometimes that this journey we are on could be endless and that we could walk it together, but all things good and bad have a beginning and an end.

Sighting the City

Karaz: Ok the city was much bigger than I thought it would be. So many streets and buildings. Most disturbing is the mountain with a face that overlooks it all. Is the mountain alive? Will we have to fight it? It's way bigger than any monster I have faced so I hope not. I will do what they need me to however, even fighting the landscape itself. We decided to watch the city a while, but a party of giants made that difficult. They paid for interrupting our sightseeing, but still not the friendliest welcome to a new town. I have had worse, but I doubt my companions have. I wonder what we will find here? We will find out soon I guess.

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Recap Reward

1 spell level worth of a "wondrous potion/oil" of 4th level or lower; RANGER casting list. http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/coreRulebook/spellLists.html#ranger-spells