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  1. Twenty four point buy (see link at left).
  2. Then choose three attributes each to which you will add 1d4.
    • Any stat that is already greater than 14 cannot be further boosted by this roll; pick another stat.
    • You do not roll the 1d4 then choose. You say "I'm adding to Strength, Constitution and Wisdom" and then roll the 1d4 for each, in order. It's not assigned after rolling, but before.
  3. Apply racial modifiers.

Race and Class

  • If you do not understand how ECL works (base hit dice + class levels + level adjustment) works, talk to me.
  • Reminder:
    • Templates are allowed!
    • (Plain, un-templated) Humans are not.
    • Campaign-specific races (including Eberron, Forgotten Realms) are available.
  • Your character will start at ECL 4.
  • No more than 3 of this ECL can be from player classes.
  • If your race has no level adjustment or racial hit dice, one of your levels must be an NPC class level (adept, aristocrat, commoner, expert, warrior). Or, preferably, talk to me and we'll cook you up a level adjustment mutation.
  • If you want to play a race that has an initial ECL of 5 or 6, we might be able to work something out. Those above 6 are not feasible (at least until PCs die and get replaced at a higher starting level).

Fractional Bonuses

This campaign will use Fractional Bonuses. It is NOT optional. Your first level (and only first level) will have the initial +2 bonus to one or more saves. All other levels, including the first level of classes you multiclass in to (including prestige classes) will not give the +2. They will only give their fractional bonus equivalent.

Hit Dice

First hit die is maximum, as standard. Then, all further hit dice will be rolled, with rerolls as follow:
Reroll a 1 on d4 [1d3+1; 2-4], d6 [1d5+1; 2-6].
Reroll 1-2 on d8 [1d6+2; 3-8], d10 [1d8+2; 3-10].
Reroll 1-3 on d12 [1d9+3; 4-12]. Reroll means "Keep rerolling until it's not too low."


  • Every character gets one free knowledge skill that is always maximum for their hit die.
  • Every character gets one free craft or profession skill that is always maximum for their hit die.


Equipment will be half way between the DMG's NPC value and PC's value for that ECL. This is 4350 GP for an ECL 4 character. No starting equipment may be crafted according to magic item creation feats, though you may save the money to craft it in game. As much or as little of this may be spent on any one item. SRD-only magic items.


As part of your background, I want you to help participate in world building. I want you to create an island your character is from. Put as much effort into it as you want to, but please give me a base couple paragraphs to work with. Basic geography of the island? Political and religious structures? People or other entities of note?

You may use Randy's questionnaire should you find yourself at a lack of direction.


Include in your blurb why your character is on a small, wealthy xenophobic island that largely worships Dalt, during Dalt's holy season. Why are you staying alone in a swank inn?

The island is one of the more deforested ones, mostly because of how small it is. The entire island, named Great Fortress, is ringed by a modest wall. There is a rigorous customs process at all ports of entry. The island is mostly populated by half-humans but is ruled by an elitist pure-blooded human noble class, and there are constant class struggles fomented by outside influences as well as sects of the church of Dalt itself. The island's primary economy is banking, trade, and being a neutral, secure port of call. The clergy provides about half of the food sources on the island.


  • No evil alignments.
  • Please select a deity, or have a really good reason not to have one.
  • You may be aged.


Remember Action Points and Daryl Points (Rules). LA buyoff will not be used, since everyone will start at the same ECL and will have an LA. (LA buyoff is intended for characters starting at low level with an LA in a group that generally doesn't have one.)


You will gain only half XP for a missed session, instead of full. (I previously awarded none.) You miss out on other rewards already. Full XP to keep the party together.