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Starring: Brick.gif Brick, James-icon.png James, Hipster.gif Guy, Bethany.gif Bethany, Becca.png Becca, Ilke-icon.gif Ilke
Guest Starring: Gambler, Katarina Starkova, Russian Thug
Challenge: Katarina and thug
Location: Allegheny City's former airport
Date Played: 19 Feb 2012

DM-d20.jpg DM: Here is the presentation from the Pilot gameday.

Waking Up in a Basement

Brick.gif Brick Hey Yo! I wake up in a basement cuffed around a pipe to a one-armed chick. It must have been some sorta party last night! Although that one ain't my type, there are 2 brunettes tied to each other that seem okay.

James-icon.png James: Maaaaaaaaan, what a hangover. I've found myself in all manner of awkward predicaments after blacking out before (is it Saturday again?), but this one takes the cake. I wake up, wrist is sore, and I fight my way through the groggy haze to find myself handcuffed to some hipster douche. In a dank ass basement. There's like 6 of us down there, shackled in pairs to a pipe. Weird. Strange crew. I've seen some of them around before, too.


Brick.gif Brick One of the brunettes, slips outta her cuffs & the 2 scatter around the room hiding when we hear someone coming up the hall. The door opens & there this big guy who looks like he's Lurch outta the Addam's Family.

He uncuffs me & the girly from the pipe but cuffs us again right after. The girly makes a run for the door so I go with. I go to the door & BAM, I'm knocked on my ass pulling the girl on top of me. We get up, & Lurch opens the door motioning for us to go... so we do.

James-icon.png James: A couple of the chicks manage to get free somehow, just before this lumbering doofus with a gun comes downstairs. He unlocks the pair next to me, a muscle-head and a girl with one arm, and takes them upstairs with him. When it's quiet again, I tug at the metal bracelet - no good. It won't budge. There's some commotion as the others are trying to figure out how to escape. My new partner and I somehow manage to wrench the pipe loose from the wall and slip our handcuffs off. So we can at least move around.

I hear the unmistakable sound of a gunshot upstairs. Shit. Gotta get out NOW. My handcuff-buddy reaches for the door, and gets blasted by some kind of protective magic or something. Just like the jock guy did a moment before. One of the other chicks manages to get the bars loose on the window somehow, and after serious effort, we all squeeze through the window. I think she can move stuff with her mind.

Becca.png Becca The cheerio got out of her cuff, which got me free to. I dodged the bad guys, but I don't think they were looking for me. I was able to remove the bars on the window and than I had a choice: help the others escape, or run. The little BI Cheerio (she's got fat leggs) saved herself and I could not leave them. So, I helped. I felt very good about blasting the clown suits.

White Wedding

Brick.gif Brick When we get out of the hallway, we're in, like, this run-down, indoor carnival. This half-pint swinging a wand around like some sorta princess is yammerin' in some foreign-talk on her phone while Lurch just stands by. Eventually, she sees us & I see she's gotta be the most gorgeous thing, like, ever. Just my type! She tells Lurch somethin' in the same foreign language. He pulls us over & starts trying to twist tie the chick-I'm-cuffed-to's legs. She ain't havin' none o' that & kicks him. He drops the twist ties & backs up. He yells in his funny soundin' foreign language & makes a motion for the twist ties on the ground so I pick 'em up & try to hand them to him, but he backs up. I try again & the bastard shoots me!

This brings the little princess runnin'. She tells us that everything's gonna be alright, & she want to marry me! I believe her. She gets us uncuffed, & takes me aside. I see that the girly is having her arm cut & is bleeding into a cup. That seems bad, but the princess said it's a good thing so it's gotta be. The princess puts a ring on my finger & hands me another. I put it on hers. I'm so lucky.

Then she leads me to a ferris wheel, & we get on. It starts up & she takes a drink from the big gulp cup then pours the rest on the scepter hands me the scepter.

Next thing I know, she's standing all glowy. Sadly, it looks like she's gone blonde. She's so bright that I look away. Looking down, I see the guys from the basement walking up, & I wave.

This ol' cowboy suddenly blows through a little web-looking thing & all of a sudden ghost animals start running at us! They pass through me, but seem to hurt my little princess! No! Then to make matters worse, all of the sudden, the ferris wheel breaks & starts to roll away. I wait till we're near the bottom, grab my honey, & jump out the cart. Man, I should tell coach those drills he's havin' us run are comin' in handy! I make my landin' perfect & my little lady is safe ta boot.

She runs off as I'm lookin' around to see where the cowboy went off to & that leaves me trying to remember why listenin' to all the things she said was such a good idea...

James-icon.png James: After I crawl out of that basement and stand up, I have just enough time to hit the dirt again as chick that mind-blasted our handcuffs apart set the basement on fire with a HUGE fireball. I'm lucky I still have eyebrows. As I'm getting up yet again, I can't help but notice we're at the airport. I don't remember being anywhere near here last night.

As we're collecting ourselves, this cowboy lookin' dude in a sweet-ass Harley rides up and draws guns on us. Goddamn. What is with the firearms today? Anyways, he grills us on what we're about, and says he's about to go into the hangar and put a stop to whatever nastiness is going on. I offer to help, as it could have very easily been me in there in hot water. The others join (except for the one who took off running earlier).

We head inside, and there is a freaking carnival set up inside. Or at least, a couple rides. All the action is clearly centered around the ferris wheel. There is a short woman standing on top of it, wavin' about this glowy stick, face covered in blood. Nearby I see the two from the basement, wounded and bleeding. We spring into action.

The cowboy puts some kind of magical shield bubble on the ground, I rush forward and use a handful of dust to activate the alchemical ritual I have been working on to make the big ugly asshole with the gun fall asleep. The ferris wheel comes loose, people are running to and fro. I grab the gun from the snoozing goon before he can wake up and use it again. The little lady with the stick runs off, and we manage to get the basement gang together, bandage wounds, and take a breather. What a night.

Becca.png Becca Now I a real hero, I could have left the cop try to handle everything, but No I went in to hero mode. I don't know ... puting someone in front of yourself is very strange to me. I don't know most of the time everyone (like my parents) put me first. I don't know if i like it.