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Starring: James-icon.png James, Brick.gif Brick, Becca.png Becca with Sharon Kingsley and Guy
Guest Starring: Conan the Librarian
Challenge: Ash Wraith; Hobbits, Sherlock Holmes & Hermione Granger, Batman & someone (ūüé≤ DM need to reference notes)
Location: Hillman Library, Phipps Conservatory

Hobbits Have Murder for Second Dinner

James-icon.png James: I heard of a new story, an odd one. Something about hobbits or midgets killing a college student. This warrants further investigation.

Brewed Awakening is Under Construction

Brick.gif Brick: Hey, yo! Me & the gang head up to get our morning drinks at Brewed, but there's curtains blocking the seating area. Blue-streak tells us that the place is being renovated. Cool, but it means we can't hang out. While we're headed out we see Sharon & Guy. They tell us about some crazy crap. Vampire Hobbit's are killing people...

Becca.png Becca: This is really inconvenient! I want to complain!

James-icon.png James: Well shit. Brewed is down for construction. I wonder what is going on in there? No matter, we have halflings to hunt. We manage to trail Sherlock Holmes and Hermoine Granger downtown.

Sadly No Comicon At the Casino

Brick.gif Brick: We hear about Hermoine from the Harry Potter books heading into a bus. We take the bus down & the bus driver takes us to the bus stop that he said she got off at. James gets directions from a hobo, & we follow the book character to a casino.

Inside we look around for Hermoine, but Kingsley gets hassled for havin' her gun out. He manage to find her in the stairwell tryin' to kill some girl with a dude in old time clothes. I ask who he is & he says he' Cherlock Homes the world's greatest detective. I laugh this off, cuz everyone knows Batman is the world's greatest detective. I beat up on the poser who turns into a puff of ash. Someone else takes down Hermoine. I'm glad they do because I didn't want to beat up on Harry Potter's sidekick...

Becca.png Becca: Do these people know the odds of the games they are playing. Well, I will tell them. Wow you will have a 1:40 chance to hit and it only pays 1:27. Come on move to another game the video poker pays 80%....

James-icon.png James: We manage to track the cosplaying murder midgets to the casino. We cornered them in the stairwell, and Brick kicked the chick in the face. She disappeared in a poof! We also take down Sherlock.

Hillman Library Boiler Room

Brick.gif Brick: We find out this stuff is caused by a ritual that's being done at a library. We split up to find the right library. Becca doesn't want to go into the one we're assigned to check out because this is the one Conan works in. The guy seemed okay, I don't know why she's avoidin' him. Luckily it looks like he's not here.

We find out this is the place & call the others over. It takes some doin' to get inside the basement, but we manage. I fight Batman & I apologize as I punch him until he turns into black ash. It sucks having to kill off your hero... but does that mean I'm even more badass than Batman!

We find Conan tied up & a demon that is like part here & part not here. Becca unties Conan as we fight the demon. My football seems to hurt it. In the end, we win. In the end, Conan says something about being the one who summoned it... out of love for Becca? I don't know, the explanation confused me.

Becca.png Becca: Conan wake-up. Eat the brisket. Break-out, Break-out, Break-out, I said BREAK-OUT!

James-icon.png James: Once the tiny "ash wraiths" have been dispatched, we head to the library. The one where Conan works. We find him detained in the basement, being used as a part of some sort of ritual. We slay the demon there and free the comatose librarian. All part of the gig, I suppose.