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Starring: James-icon.png James, Brick.gif Brick, Becca.png Becca
Guest Starring: Abraham Crane
Challenge: Gareth "Blackspine", Gnolls
Location: Achille's Meal, Phipps Conservatory
Date Played: 02 Dec 2012

Abraham and Becca Break Into Achilles Meal

Hangover Helper (James Wakes Up)

Brick.gif Brick: Hey, yo! I got a call from Blackspine telling me to go to Phipps with the Sword of Destiny & that he'd exchange it for my friends. I give James a call & find out that he's just woken up. He sounds rough like it's been a long night for him, but he doesn't sound kidnapped.

James tells me to meet him at the High Point House so I go to meet him although Blackspine told me to meet him in an hour at Phipps. When I get to high point house, James says there's somethin' in the basement. I tell him about my "friends" being kidnapped & he decides to come with me to Phipps...

James-icon.png James: HOLY VIRGIN MARY FUCK, MOTHER OF JESUS FUCK. What the pisschrist hit me? My head feels like a gross of bull elephants sitting on an anvil, and the point part of that anvil is resting square on my temples. If anyone is reading this, PLEASE - do NOT let me drink Bacardi 151 EVER AGAIN. Ouch supreme.

In my stupor of misery, Northern Lights calls me up. The dude from the Highpoint House. He said some other guy there - Gareth - summoned some sort of spirit and locked it in the basement. And they need help dealing with it. Fuckin' great, that's all I need. Ugh. So I call up Brick and tell him to meet me there.

Phipps Conservatory

Brick.gif Brick: James & I get to Phipps & make our way inside. The meeting point is one of the exhibit halls. I work out a plan with James. I'll enter up front & James'll slip in the back enterance invisible.

I find Blackspine & a room full of weirdly acting people who give off a bad vibe. I see that my "friends" that he captured are Becca & Abraham. He smartly has Becca gagged.

I decide to fight instead of handing over the sword. We beat up on the guy some, but he manages to grab the sword & run. We chase him down to the front atrium & kick the shit out of him. We're forced to make a police statement as we've blamed all the damage on Blackspine.

When we get back to the exhibit hall, we find that Blackspine burned Abraham's hands pretty bad. Man, if I had a little time with the little punk, I'd give him a little payback for that. Oh, we rescued Becca, too.

We head back to the High Point House & fight the sun-demon-thing that they had down in the basement. After a grueling fight, we manage to take it down. I head home to get some sleep. Man, today was exhausting. James says he'll put the sword in our box at the bank.

James-icon.png James: Before we could deal with the summoned fire elemental, Brick gets a call. Apparently Becca is in trouble, and we race over to the Phipps Conservatory where she is being held.

Here's a rundown of the events: Enter conservatory. Find out where she is being held. Go invisible. Sneak in while Brick is creating a diversion. Fight breaks out. Becca is blinded. Abraham is burned horribly. I free Becca. Greenhouse is demolished. Brick and I chase down Blackspine. Sword acquired. Fight continues in lobby. My spell is deflected and an old lady falls asleep (oops). Brick takes down Blackspine and takes him to the security office. I make off with the sword. Whew!


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