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Starring: James-icon.png James, Brick.gif Brick, Becca.png Becca
Guest Starring: Abraham Crane, Purple Streak, Lord Mekka and his two girls, Kimberly Pierson, Fabio Casalara, Dr Judy Cooper (head of ELI), Claudia Bonefoot (assistant), Jenny Cook (translated text)
Challenge: Figuring out Ainé's note.
Location: William Pitt Union
Date Played: 06 Jan 2013


Brick.gif Brick: Hey, yo! Me & the gang went up to get our normal drinks at Brewed & we found out renovations were finished! We went inside &... I couldn't find any renovations. Abraham tells us that wiring & plumbing was pretty much all that got changed. Well, I don't mind. I like how the place looks anyway.

Becca.png Becca: The renovation are so nice. Nice Pipes Abe.

James-icon.png James: The good news - Brewed is back in business. The bad news - the only noticeable change was that a lot of the good books were removed from their library. Shit.

Lord Mekka and his entourage arrive

DM-d20.jpg DM: The scroll read—วันพฤหัสบดี 20 มิถุนายน 2556. แสวงหาเสียงของดาว

Brick.gif Brick: While we're drinking our coffees, Lord Mekka shows up with two boobalicious chicks. He tells us his boss has one of our assignments ready. We need to get a pendant from the Winter Knight. (Knight not night. I asked.)

He gives us a message from Ainé & leaves with the chicks. I look at the letter but it's just a picture of a necklace & some squiggles & some numbers.

Becca.png Becca: That is not Greek.

James-icon.png James: Hanging out in Brewed, Lord Mekka shows up. With some hotties. He came with a message from Anye - she wants us to get a pendant from "the Winter Knight". This will fulfill the contract, so we agreed.

Figuring out the faerie's note

DM-d20.jpg DM The three significant events that day
Christian alternative band Beggars and Thieves playing at Church
Quat Star concert at Facemart Sports Stadium that is sold out.
Toastmasters meetup at Rodef Shalom

Brick.gif Brick: James finds some chick from the language department. (I didn't even know we HAD a language department.) And she says she can help us out. She's cute & likes the local sports teams so I chat it up with her. She gives me her number in case we need to get in touch for more translations.

We head back to Brewed & I read an old Archie I find on the table as the others start looking through the magic books. I can't find my favorite book that teaches how to make really good potatoes so I go to talk to Abraham. Apparently, some of the books weren't supposed to be there & were taken away... and the book I like was just a regular cookbook...

Anyway, while I'm waiting for the guys to finish up, I go through my iPod & find some of my Quat Star music & check out the local paper. I look through to see if the next soccer game is here or away & I notice some of the local events in town: Quat Star's putting on a show in town!, some Christian pop bands playin' & there's a learning to speak good lesson at the Synagogue that Meemaw goes to. I'm all about the Quat Star show, & I tell everyone about it. When the radio says that it's part of the Voice of the Stars series, we realize the show's gonna be where the Winter Knight's gonna be.

We want to get tickets, but you gotta win them or get the last minute ones. We head over to the stadium to check for tickets & the place is PACKED! There's already a line. I agree to wait in line cuz I really want those tickets. It turns out Kimberly, Gassy's friend, is in line right in front of me. She sees I don't got a sleeping bag so she lets me use a blanket. It is SOOOOOOO warm. She says she knitted it herself! She's really talented.

Becca.png Becca: Is she flirting with Brick?

James-icon.png James: This paper makes no sense. I think it's a foreign language. So I tracked down someone in the languages department for help. She met us and took a look - turns out it's Thai.

Frantic call from Fabio

Brick.gif Brick: While snuggled up, I get a call. Fabio from the soccer team is calling, & he sounds panicked. He says they were pranking their pledges & took them into the sewers to chase alligators & found some weird ones. He says he needs help so I get ready to go...

James-icon.png James: Before we could figure out which of the three leads was the correct one to get to the Winter Knight, Brick gets a disturbing call from the soccer player. Fabio, I think. It seems there is a bit of an emergency involving sewers, pranks, and alligators. Fuckin' great.