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Brew:33 Legend of Velour

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Starring: James-icon.png James, Becca.png Becca, ReBecca.png Reba & introducing Patches
Guest Starring: Kimberly Pierson, Raymond Wade's Mother
Challenge: Escaping Raymond's mother; Wash N' Wear Wolves pack
Location: James' Apartment, Brewed Awakening
Date Played: 18 January 2014

Investigating the Death of Raymond Wade

ūüé≤ DM: the witness of the scene was Louis Ramirez, a graduate student in Engineering.

ReBecca.png Reba: Some guy gets mauled by wolves in the forest near. Not weird. I took an ecosystem engineering class, and there's no way there could be a population of wild wolves in that park, so it set off my "creepy murder mystery" sense right away. Good thing we had Patchy with us (Have I ever mentioned he's the most adorable werewolf ever?), so we could track the wolves around the murder scene. We didn't find much, just some blood, red string, and a faint scent of transmutation. Werewolves?

Patches: It turns up that this Ramirez guy gets shredded by some wolves in the nearby park. I knew it wasn't me, but thank the spirits that my friends believed me. I tracked things a bit but the trail got mixed up when we got to the main trail. I really hope it isn't werewolves...

Becca.png Becca I was thinking I could get some good studying my mid-terms, O-Chem. is a big pain. James has said to let him help me but when I ask him a question he starts out with a understandable answer that some how ends with some magical theory stuff. But, what do I hear ...WEREWOLVES.

Breaking into Raymond's Room in Litchfield Tower B

ReBecca.png Reba: We decide to hit up Raymond's room on floor 13 of Litchfield Tower. Floor 13. Bad vibes. Should have known things were going to go wrong. I started tearing through everything in his room and somehow I found some gold chains with medallions. Then campus security and the guys flipping mom show up at the door. We bolted. It was insane, fire alarms going off, fire extinguishers flying around. I do a little voodoo and discover that the medallions are Catholic Saints and part of some bigger magic.

Patches: We tried to stop by Raymond's room. He had some pretty tasty looking pizza, but thats all I could find there. His mother stopped by and we scattered...good thing no one noticed the overly large puppy running down the dorm stairs.

Becca.png Becca: I can't belive I caught Poison Ivy when we were in the forest, I did not want to go to the woods anyway.

This is just like my freshman year. Breaking & Entering. We need to do this systematic-ly I will check the desk area, James you check over by the beds, Reba check over there next to the TV, ... Oh, like always everyone is off doing there own thing. This is not going top end well, James put that alcohal back... oh well this is intrusting a note from ...

Dam. people, yep, its his mother. We need to run I can hold them in place so everyone can get out. wind push.

Knitting Circle at Brewed Awakening

ReBecca.png Reba: We decide to visit Raymond's ex, Kim, at the weekly knitting circle. Suddenly it's crazytown. Lights go out, everyone's screaming and wolves. I just toss everything off the table and start making my crossroad. While the wolves are trying to rip everyone else to pieces, I rip out my dog walking business leashes out of my pack and start casting a hex to bind up the wolves. James finally manages to freeze them, and when we start inspecting the wolves, we realize they're unraveling, like grandma's ugly homemade sweaters. Not just any wolves, but some sorta freaky knit and animated wolves. Kim's all "The legend's really true!".

Patches: We caught up with Kim at Brewed Awakening. Kim looks to be jonesing on me when all of a sudden the lights go out and people begin screaming. I get to go fang and claw on one of them while the others are toasted by my buddies. Turns out that they were some weird knit wolves that were animated. Hey, wasn't Kim talking about knit-o-mancy or something?

Becca.png Becca: I like Kim, I think she had an eye for Brick, but thats ok, Brick would never had found out. This is ... yep when every things go nuts. Wear-wolves. Fire is really go on these guys.

Knit-o-mancy, I knew it.