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Brew:34 To the Market with Enchantment on You

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Starring: James-icon.png James, ReBecca.png Reba & Patches
Guest Starring: Kimberly Pierson, Zack Duncan (Duncan Brothers Auction House)
Challenge: Barbara (unknown at the time), wolf- and raven-headed mannequins, and a Teddy Ruxpin hosting Malsumis (unknown at the time) in a summoning circle
Location: James' Apartment, Duncan Brothers Auctions
Date Played: 22 Febraury 2014

Getting the Legend of Velour from Kimberly

ReBecca.png Reba: After we recovered from the wearwolf attack, we had Kimberly spill the beans on the whole Legend of Velour. Italian guy makes Artifact-Level Tracksuit, which also included some magical Catholic Medallions (Which we'd already snatched, 'natch.), and some sort of fanny pack. We couldn't dig up any dirt on what the fanny pack did, but something tells me it's got some bad mojo.

Patches: Cute, cute Kimberly. Ahhh. She told us about this old Italian dude who made some clothes back in the day that are major mojo. It involved a track suit, medallions and a fanny pack. Did I mention this is from back in the day?!? Whoever liked that style, yech.

Stolen Pizza and Research at James' Apartment

ReBecca.png Reba: That night I try to track down the previous owner with a little of the good ol Crossroads Voodoo. Hasn't failed me yet. I set up the ritual in one of the less busy streets near campus. I used road flares for the candles. Cute, right? I put the medallions next to a phone book and let the Voodoo rip. Holy Marie Laveau, it was nuts. I got the page with the owner's address, but the rest of the book exploded. I've never channeled something that powerful before.

Duncan Brothers Auctions and Speaking Italian

ReBecca.png Reba: We hit up the auction house that the Medallions had been sold from. Two big juicy tidbits: 1. The guy who's address I'd found in the phone book used to work there; and 2. The medallions were part of some lot that had a bunch of other knitting magic paraphernalia in it. We bought the crap outta that lot, before we decided to head to the guy's address. While we were driving along, James opened up one of the books and set off a hell of a warding spell. Naturally it zooms right for my magic brain magnet, and next thing I know, I'm all Italiano. I could only speak and understand Italian.

Patches: I'm driving us from the auction house when the group decides to do some magic in my bedroom, o.0. Turns out Reba never knew italian before, but the book they opened turned her into a veritable italian stallion...erm mare. I had to get out my phone and access the translation app to be able to speak to her. Worked out alright. I hope she starts speaking english again, though. Constantly translating is draining my battery.

The Highpoint House has a Summoning Circle?!

ReBecca.png Reba: Thank Bondye for technology. We could use our cellphones to translate my Italian. The guy's address is the Highpoint House, the local stoner joint. The doors locked, so Patchy climbs in through the 2nd floor to let the rest of us in. While we're waiting, I try on the medallions to see if they make me less brain scrambled. No dice.

Patches opens the door and there's this possessed-ass looking Teddy Ruxpin in a summoning circle and a witch chick on the inside. They flip the fudge out when they see the medallions, and send their freakish Wicker Man Mannequins to dogpile me. I have to claw my way away from them and I lose the Medallions in the process. Teddy Ruxpin's drawing some serious mana down, so I run in to break the summoning circle and send that freak back to 80s Hell where he belongs.

Patches: We ended up at the Highpoint House. Some weird shit was going down and no one was answering the door. I went up through a window and wanted to come open the door to let the group in, but some really hot chick was making mojo in the living room where someone had misplaced their very expensive summoning circle. She was talking to an old Teddy Ruxpin. I raced down, opened the door and tackled the really hot chick. Turns out she was a bit of a scrapper. I say it ended in a draw, but the lights went out and I don't actually know how it happened.