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Brew:32 James is a Were-Rhino

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Starring: James-icon.png James, Becca.png Becca, ReBecca.png Reba & Hipster.gif Guy
Guest Starring: Popeye
Challenge: Research; Froyo Demon (Noak)
Location: James' Apartment, Bank
Date Played: 30 June 2013

DM-d20.jpg DM: Brick.gif Brick was at a scrimmage game with the spear of Longinus during this session.

At Brewed, A Hangover Cure Doesn't Work

ReBecca.png Reba: The day after the gala, James calls me and asks if we know what he was up to last night. He sounded super hungover (but that’s more or less his usual sound) so I offered to meet him at Brewed and give him some of my Hair of the Dog (I’d modified the recipe and really wanted to test it out). It was a bust. Learning experience?

Examining Blood At James' Apartment

ReBecca.png Reba: James was freaking out because he woke up in blood. I empathize. Beca thought he’d murdered a security guard, but I felt spooky vibes all over it. We head to the apartment so I can do a ritual to find out who’s blood it was. Turns out it was a deer that got skewered by a giant rhinocerous-man thing. James decides to take a drink before he flips his lid and somehow the alcohol starts transforming him into a were-rhinocerous. We stopped the whole thing before he finished changing.

Rushing Over to the Bank to Check the Deposit Box

ReBecca.png Reba: After the transformation fiasco, we all head out to do research. I remembered my conversation with Gambler and his warnings about keeping the Spear of Destiny, so I told all the guys that I didn’t like the idea of keeping a super powerful artifact in the bank. That’s bad news waiting to happen. We check the bank, and Brick took the spear for a game and some egg in there was missing too. I almost lose it when I see this teller there and I can tell someone kind of scooped out her soul.

Fight Outside of Yo! Gort! with Froyo Demon

ReBecca.png Reba: After looking around the forest where the rhino killed the deer, we head back to Brewed. But as we’re passing by the Yo!Gort shop, this yogurt demon bursts out, saying he’s there to claim the Spear. We try to set him on fire, naturally. I run into the store to grab some implements to see if I can fix up a quick binding spell on the guy, but turns out the yogurt demon melted real quick.