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Starring: James-icon.png James, ReBecca.png Reba, Becca.png Becca, & Patches
Guest Starring: Northern Lights, Barbara, Popeye
Challenge: Barbara (a powerful Fabrimacer), wolf- and raven-headed mannequins.
Location: Westin William Penn Hotel, Highpoint House
Date Played: 22 March 2014

Bar Scene

The blackness that washed over you has turned the world into molasses and darkness and silence. Slowly sounds begin to filter into James' ears, a discussion between two familiar voices...

DM-d20.jpg DM This is the bar scene that I started out the session with.

Ruxpin: Your hold on this one is greater than I supposed. This creation, this place that we are in is of his mind and I'm certain that your master would find it most agreeable.

Popeye: As I have said already, my master sits here and I have warned you against trying your hand against him in this way.

Ruxpin: Bah, you are a creature of deception, all your kind are. Your word is a labyrinth and the Bull of Minos could not navigate it. I know who your ...

Popeye: We are not here to discuss that Malsumis.

Ruxpin: You are correct. Your "master"'s allies have released me from the summoning circle but not my true prison. I have opportunity to kill them all for the moment.

Popeye: I understand the desire. There is one I hate above all others, however my ... friend wishes for you to turn the other cheek. We know that your student is planning for the aquarium. That would go more smoothly with the last piece of Fabroni's tracksuit.

Ruxpin: Go on.

The world begins to fade, slightly, into existence. James finds himself at the Sticky Buffalo, a western themed bar on campus, with Popeye on his right and Teddy Ruxpin on his left.

Popeye: What you seek will be featured at a retro fashion show this eve at the William Penn.

Ruxpin: You do not tell me anything new. I grow impatient with your talking. If you have nothing to give me, then I will begin my slaughter...

Popeye: I offer you a head start. My master and his allies are resourceful and your student may not survive the conflict to finish your plan.

Ruxpin: Hrm... How long?

Popeye: Until the sun sets.

Ruxpin: Deal, imp.

Your world once again goes black.

DM-d20.jpg DM End bar scene.

Recovery at the Highpoint House

ReBecca.png Reba: I might have made a bad decision in trying to destroy the containment of the summoning circle. It knocked us all on our asses, and by the time we woke up, witch chick was gone and Teddy Ruxpin stopped acting like some creep from hell. I think whatever was in it vamoosed. Back to square one?

Patches: I haven't woken up this dazed since the last American Druid Gathering, but I am pretty sure I hadn't had any booze last night.

Opening the Warded Book in Patches Van/House

ReBecca.png Reba: The Italian spell finally kicked the bucket. I've never been so glad to speak English before. I thought I was avittato for life. I decided to take another look at the warded book, figure out what kinda juju was making it tick. We all put our noggins together and come up with a way to dispel the ward. We open it, but there's a lot to read through, and not enough time.

Becca.png Becca: Well, I got through my finals, I should get a 97% in O-Chem. There were three questions that were never discussed. I don't like the professors that do that. I worked my fingers to the bone, I going to enjoy some down time while Mom & Dad are out of town. Oh, there is a call from James; Oh there is a van in the driveway.

Lets get tis book open: James is cooking something with the Ramen Noodles. I remember from Physics energy always flows in one direction, least resistance, I'm going to wire up a dream catcher that will disapate the magical enery.

Throwback Thursday Fashion Show at the Westin William Penn Hotel

Becca.png Becca: This never works but I'm gona try, "Hi, I'm Tammy O'Leary from Marie Clair..." (as I Look at the ID card on the table). O'Leary, this is not going to work. "I running behind, again, I can't belive my mag. has sent me to this at such a late ..." I can't believe this is working. Yes, name tag.

Stupid Catholics

The statues are animating, I'm getting up here on the table to blast them and not get any other people in the area.

Oh no. that blast will bring them to me I don't have anyone to help. Where's brick when you need him. I dodge and turn and blast with wind. I spin cartwheel ... right into the grapple of that thing. Burn Burn Burn.

Patches is really beat-up.

ReBecca.png Reba: We find out that there's some sort of dorky throwback Thursday fashion show at the Westin Hotel. What better place for witch chick to try to weave some freaky fabromancy?

I used my voodoo to make a spell of unnoticability so I can walk right on in. We catch witch chick trying to walk the runway, and I pull the fire alarm. It's on, witch. Total chaos. I tried to jinx her magic enhancements, but she's crazy prepared. We give her our best, and she gives us the slip. No fair!

Patches: I threw on dads old ritual gear, straight from the 70's and I got right in to the back door as a model. They threw me into these horrendous elevator shoes with goldfish swimming in them. I am so nervous about hurting them that when I realize that the really hot chick is there and get prepared to throwdown, I get all twisted up in them. Then these mannekins get on me. I hold my own fairly well, but if it weren't for my friends, I am pretty sure I'd be missing more than my eye.

Summarized Conclusion

DM-d20.jpg DM: Due to being short on time, the conclusion of Fan Film was summarized so that the next session would start a new season. This is that summary (written months later).

The cast tracks Barbara the fabrimancer to Kids Day at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium. Inside of the aquarim Barbara produces a pre-cut vinyl summoning circle and before the cast can stop her the magics that she unleashes breaks the shark tank and floods the aquarium. In confusion of shark-filled waters, bouncy castles, and magic, the cast manages to stop her before she summons forth Malsumis