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Starring: James-icon.png James, ReBecca.png Reba, Becca.png Becca, & Markos
Guest Starring: Purple Streak, Abby (Purple Streak's Roommate), Popeye, "Alicia", Mag O’Shea (Clurichaun)
Challenge: Pizza Delivery Ettin and his pizza box critters; Finding the Clurichaun; "Alicia" and a male companion; Guardgoyles
Location: James' Apartment
Date Played: 06 April 2014

It Starts in the Middle of a Fight

ReBecca.png Reba: I hate coming to in the bathroom flipping out because a 2-headed giant Pizza Delivery Driver is destroying James' green smoke-filled apartment.

James pissed off the fairy mafia, so they sent a guy to mess us up. We invited him in, and it set off a ward that released green smoke of forgetfullness. I managed to dispel the ward, and spent the rest of the time on fire. A delivery driver from Achilles Meal stopped by to help us. He seems cool.

Markos: So, I'm doing my rounds delivering for Uncle Z at this set of apartments near campus. Normal day, right? Wrong. I get upstairs and start knocking on the door of the apartment that ordered the food, when the door across the hall is decimated. In the other apartment are these people throwing down with a truly ugly giant with two heads and some pizza box dog things. They look like they could use some help, and I decided to stand up for non traditional delivery foods and help take down the pizza giant. Boy, did I not know what I was getting into...

At Brewed for Research

James and Becca go to talk with Purple Streak's Roommate

Reba and Markos research the Winoceros Curse

🎲 DM: Clurichaun, aka drunk Leprachaun was named Mag O’Shea

ReBecca.png Reba: Reba and the Achilles Meal delivery guy (Markos) decide to figure out what caused James' whole turning-into-a-rhino deal. It beats delivering gyros, right? We find out that a Clurichaun caused the curse. Clurichauns are basically Leprechauns that like drinking after hours. I thought that was all of them?

They bring ruin to wherever they've camped out at, and the Sticky Buffalo's been sucking recently, so we know exactly where to look for the perp.

Markos: Reba, one of the ladies in the group that I find myself inexorably drawn in to, and I start researching James' Winoceros Curse. It seems that the jolly man who loves his drink turns into a raging rhinoceros when he drinks. It turns out to be some drunk Irish Faery (capital F and not being belligerent about the Irish either) called a Clurichaun. Not being from that emerald isle myself, all I really needed to know is that it likes alcohol. Food may be my main thing, but you have to have something to wash it down with...right?

Sticky Buffalo and Clurichaun Detection

🎲 DM: James agreed that he and his allies owe a favor to the Winter Court in exchange for the counter to the curse.

ReBecca.png Reba: We go to the Sticky Buffalo and with a little bar voodoo, I whip up a Clurichaun Detector with a glass of Guinness and a shamrock stem compass needle that will point us right to where he's hiding. We figure out he's in the basement and we sneak down. Markos gets drunk, because that's just how you gotta chat with a Clurichaun.

We get the cure out of the Clurichaun, Mag O’Shea, but now James owes the court a favor. Becca and I abstain from getting any info out of the Clurichaun in exchange for favors (Rule 1: Never owe a 'favor' to the Fairy Mafia. Or any sort of Mafia. Trust me.), but we find out that a girl named Alicia, who's involved in all this, might be up to something tonight.

Markos: Boy, Clurichauns are fun people...except for the whole ruining businesses thing. Wow, I am glad Uncle Z doesn't have a liquor license! Reba gets her voodoo going and we find the Clurichaun. As our resident drinker can't at the moment, I bit the bullet and got hammered so I could talk to the guy. Made me feel downright Gaelic! We got the Clurichaun to help James out. In return, James and I now owe his 'Court' favors. Meh, no skin off my nose.

Curing James and Meeting at the Carnegie Museum

ReBecca.png Reba: While Markos and James went off to cure his Whino problems, Becca and I decide to track down Alicia. We close up an intersection ('Construction') and I enchant a school map to show her location. Bam, right in the Carnegie Museum. The one with the Velociraptor Shaman trapped in Amber. Crap.

There's a light that shoots off from the museum, we run there as fast as we can. James and Markos meet us there, and we rush in. The Gaurdgoyles zero in on us, and won't listen to reason. We manage to fend them off, but by the time we get to the velociraptor, it's too late. Alicia and some dude drained the stored up magic in the amber into a dodo egg, and ran off right as we came in.

Markos James and I do his ritual, then proceed to get hammered. For me this would either be still or an again...it's a little fuzzy. We then see some light show coming from the Carnegie Museum and figure thats where the ladies have run off to. We meet them there and I Jedi us into the museum. Some weirdly shaped droids attack us as we try to stop the Sith lady from draining some fossilized Saurian Force user of it's power. Alas, the droids proved quite capable in keeping us busy while the Sith lady got away.

Episode Conclusion Reward

Instead of getting a +1 towards an approach, each player gets a free stunt. This stunt cannot be traded in for refresh.