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Reviving the Hobo

James-icon.png James: The giant-ass dodo bird tore through the theater. No time to mess with homeless dudes and wacky professors, it's time to STOP THIS THING!

Becca.png Becca I'm really scarred. I going to help the Hobo. I hope my phone clears up. We need an EMT. I am so, glad that bird has run off.

Running Up Cardiac Hill

Brick.gif Brick: Hey, yo! Me & James pass by the hippie on the way out of the theater. Then the 3 of us follow the path of destruction behind the bird, but it doesn't look like it's catching up. I want to slow it down but there is nothin' to toss at the monster!

It takes a while, but the path becomes familiar to me. We're headin' up Cardiac Hill to the campus gym! The other guys don't look so hot during the climb, but coach has made me make this run a hundred times. The hippie is too soft to make it all the way to the top & goes back to get the others.

If I'm rememberin' right, Maxwell's doin' laps in the pool today so he's probably what the bird's after.

We find the hole in the building where the bird let itself in. Since I know the building pretty well, I am able to lead James to the pool room through a shortcut.

James-icon.png James: Oh man, is it ever hard to keep up with that motherfucker. The bird can STRUT! He heads towards campus, with me, Brick, and Guy after him. We work out that it's after that Max kid, so we head straight for the swimming pool. Guy pusses out, but me and Brick eventually make it. What a workout. When we arrive, we see that the dodo has busted through the doors already.

Becca.png Becca: I going to finish getting an EMT. Than Bird was very scarry. I hope the Boys get him. I don't know where they are going but I don't think I want to know. Well the EMT are getting here I would go help the Boys but I don't know where they have went. Oh no, here is a phone call. The bird went to the pool. I will take the buss to the top of that big hill, you know work smarter not harder.

Showdown at the Pool

Brick.gif Brick: Maxwell is in the middle of the pool when the bird comes in. We try to ambush it, but I guess it hears us. As we regroup, I run out to get something to throw at it.

The closest room that has anything is the weight rooms. I grab two 50 lbs. weights & run back. I toss 1 at it & it takes the hit hard. It knows better than the to take the 2nd weight so it dodges.

The bird gets knocked into the water & dissolves leaving an over-sized egg.

We decide to find out more about the egg from Dr. Washington, but she said we could only get more tests if we sold it too her. I offer to keep it, but the group decides to keep it in a lockbox... & I kinda wanted to be there when whatever hatches from it... Well, whatever...

James-icon.png James: We enter the top level just in time to see the dodo-demon charging the still-swimming Max in the pool below. Brick hurls himself off the balcony and annoys the thing. I try my damnedest to put it to sleep, but it shrugs off the attempt. Well shit.

So I lower myself down, and try to distract it so Max could get away. I wave a rescue pole at it, throw chlorine in its face - nothin'. Brick disappears too, which is just fabulous. The goddamned thing pecks the hell out of my shoulder - there is no way I'll last against this thing.

Just when I thought I was doomed, the rest of the gang busts in the front door and helps with the assault! Becca is throwing fire at it and singing the crap out of it. Ilke does this amazing aerial flip off the swimmer's starting block and lands an awesome kick. Guy is looking uninterested. Brick reappears with some huge ass free weights and mightily hurls them at the the bird (remind me never to piss him off). It doesn't seem like we are doing much to it.

Then something occurs to me. I make Guy useful by handing him my phone so it doesn't get ruined, and I jump in the pool with Max. Remembering how he seemed to painstakingly avoid the puddles of water, I figure it's time to try something new. So I try to bait it into the pool, and with the help of a flying Brick, it falls in and ...dissolves? Weird.

With the threat gone, we take this huge ass egg that it left behind and vacate. When everyone is calmed, treated, and safe, we take the egg to that one chick that gave the slightly more interesting bird lecture. She don't know jack shit, so we decide to keep it somewhere safe. I open up a safety deposit box account at my bank and secure it there.

Becca.png Becca: The bird hates Chlorine. There are some big heros that I'm hanging out with I don't know if I could be so, brave. I going to stay right here and burn it, here comes the hot dry air blast. Burn, burn ... roasted bird. Oh splash, its water that reacting with the bird, cool. Well, pluck, pluck, fiss, fiss watch that bird fiss away.


This episode was commercial-free.

Conclusion of the Storyline

This episode concludes the Pigeon-holed storyline.

Storyline Boon

All cast members gain the following:

A Mighty Wind (Usable Once): As a result of your proximity to Aves when he was destroyed, you may call upon the power of the air around you to aid you. When you use this ability you must have a plausible method for the wind or air to help you with the task. You gain a +3 bonus to a die roll or are able to create a small wind-related effect.

Bonus: This effect scales to +5 or a medium wind-related effect if you have filled out all the episodes for the storyline (that you attended). Currently James-icon.png James and Brick.gif Brick.