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Duck:04 The Boys are Back

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Starring: File:Meowicon.gif Dr. Meow, Poyoicon.gif El Poyo, File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter
Guest Starring: Stan the Cameraman, Bulldog
Challenge: Bulldog, the Beagle Boys
Location: Duckburg
Date Played: 15 April 2014


Poyoicon.gif El Poyo: Evidently we are not "bringing the heat" to the show. They want us to show off a bit more and bring in the ratings. To do this, they have us designing our own episode. I'm sure this has nothing to do with the workers on strike.

After weighing our options, we decide to try and bring in the Beagle Boys from their recent prison break. They really need to hire someone aside from Arkham Construction to rebuild that institution.

File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: The daffy birds behind this show want us to start writing the scripts, too. The world's a crazy place, but it gives me a chance to pick my direction- busting the Beagle Boys. With any luck, we can get some dough from both ends- the show and the reward.


Poyoicon.gif El Poyo: There was a pretty sizeable prison break, where 8 of the Beagle Boys broke out. Bigtime broke out, so obviously he was the one running the operation. After milling around and trying to think like a crook, something Sam excels at, we decided that a small, older bank would be the best bet.

We decided to take watch in a greasy spoon to wait for some of the Beagle Boys to take the joint. While there, we saw Bulldog enter. At first we tried to avoid him, but we thought that it may be good to give him a "redemption episode" to boost ratings. He agreed to come along and help with stopping the Beagle Boys.

File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: Like a dog eating its own turd, I knew the Beagles would try and score by robbing a bank. It didn't take long to pick the right one. It was too much to hope that Bigtime was running the score on this one, but there were good odds that whoever did show up would cough him up real quick.

While we stake out the breadbox, Bulldog Snootsmith rolls in. He doesn't notice us, but nothin' doing on letting that slide. I send him a drink, and then we end up working him in on the bust. "For the ratings".

Bank Robbery

Poyoicon.gif El Poyo: Burgle and Bomber Beagle are the ones that were there to rob the bank. They were not exactly sneak, with an earth-shaking bang and pillar of smoke that came from the bank. I rushed inside but noticed that there were a lot of confused people inside with a building that could potentially collapse. I know it probably didn't make for good TV, but I had to save them and prevent a horrific scene.

I was able to make it around just in time as Burgle was making his get-away. I flung a giant bag of change at him, knocking him to the ground and out cold. Dr. Meow made sure that Bomber stuck around.

It looked like they stole some bonds that entitled them to 40% of McDuck Enterprises. That was quite a heist! It was a good thing we caught them. Bulldog, though, did a small betrayal and left near the end with a sack of cash.

File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: Bomber Beagle launches the heist with all the subtlety his name implies. They're blasting into the vault, which is messy and a big problem, but then Burgle is cracking a safe *inside* the vault. That's weird, but what's weirder is what they're after- bearer bonds for McDuck Enterprises.

Meal Ticket

Poyoicon.gif El Poyo: After a little more searching and questioning, we found that Bigtime was hiding out at Duckwings. Bulldog was there, with his sack of cash. Sam and him 'fought' over it, though the bartender took it to pay past tabs. I don't quite agree with that transaction as a whole, but at least it is paying off some debts.

Late in the night, Bulldog came in and went straight to the back room that had a big "DO NOT ENTER" sign on it. Of course, I had to enter.

Dr. Meow and Sam provided a distraction while I attempted to enter. Getting in the main door was OK, but the secret door provided me with a challenge. It was noisy, stuck, and probably had an ancient Aztec curse on it for all the trouble it gave me. I did sneak inside, though, and found Bulldog, Bigtime, and two other goons in the room making a plan.

Bulldog saw me, but I mimed to him that we'd cut him in on the reward. I guess he got it because he ignored me for the rest of the meeting. There were some noises as they set off my bottle trap, letting me know someone entered the back room. With everyone alerted, a fight broke out.

A goose really did a number on Bulldog, but everything us wrapped up neatly. The reward is still being negotiated, and we still have a few more Beagle Boys to round up. Hopefully this will be a quick wrap-up and we may be able to let the cops do most of the work. We already hit the big climax, so the show should be a good one.

File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: Bomber and Burgle sang like canaries at the karaoke bar. Speaking of bars, they tipped us to a dive where the other Beagles were hanging out. Bulldog rolls in and uses his stolen dough to pay off his bar tab. I gave a thought to stoppin' him, but in the end, it just wasn't worth it. Bank carries insurance.

We play at being a bit stealthy, and then end up bustin' up the joint anyway. It's a fight, but we get Bigtime back in cuffs, which is good enough for the reward. 'Course, there are a few more of that idiot family out there, and I do hate to leave a job unfinished…


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