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Duck:06 Tokyo Drift

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Starring: File:Meowicon.gif Dr. Meow, Poyoicon.gif El Poyo, File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter
Guest Starring: Stan the Cameraman
Challenge: Racers, Japan
Location: Duckverse Tokyo
Date Played: 29 April 2014

To Tokyo

File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: Our next job is to win some cockamamie race in Japan. In the name of mercenary work and cross-promotion, we have to drag someone in from another network show, and the guy we pick is crazier than a cokehead going skydiving, but he can fly, so that's something. I think.

Setup the Race

File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: The whole thing is set up like a goof, where they run this show from some crazy building with mysterious labels, and where the innocent bystanders are wearing safety gear lest they lose something valuable during the race.

It takes a long time to find out the rules for this race, and the long story short: there ain't any. This frees our hands to work, and that lets us do whatever we need to get the upper hand.

Gratuitous Property Destruction

File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: So we go to town. *Literally*. We sabotage a few racers, we lay a few traps, Poyo punches Godzira, and in a daring nose-to-nose finish, we win the race. We also won the sanity contest, but since we're playing along with this crazy town, it was a near thing.