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Duck:05 The Boys are Still Back

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Starring: File:Meowicon.gif Dr. Meow, Poyoicon.gif El Poyo, File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter
Guest Starring: Stan the Cameraman
Challenge: The Beagle Boys, well-made plans
Location: Duckburg
Date Played: 29 April 2014

Museum Caper

File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: Big Time isn't going stoolie for us, but after we help him scratch his back with his own arm, he coughs up what he knows: the score is a gold statue. We don't know which, but it's easy to make a guess- the museum with the worst security. And we find the cracker-jack box pretty quick- so the question is, "how do we nab 'em?"

We decide to stake-out in plain sight. We disguise ourselves as statues and get Poyo's children to drop us off. It takes a little doing, but eventually we get ourselves installed alongside the target statue. And then the Beagles show up.

We have to make a quick decision- fight them in this dark room, surrounded by priceless treasures, or try and make our moment? I opt to make our moment, and in the best impersonation of Burger I can muster, I say, "Hey, these statues are gold too!" The rockheads fall for it, and cart us onto the truck, too.

From the journal of Dr. Meow, PHD, PHD, MS - It seems that we are continuing to act as crime fighters. (And not a high tech costume in sight!) Tonight we had to infiltrate the Ducksonian museum to lie in wait for the Beagle Boys. They had the nerve to ask me to costume us as statues! Am I a seamstress? (Note to self, develop molecular bondings for fabric to avoid the need for stitching.) Why pretend when you can be a real statue? My Spray-on bronzer worked like a charm! And my temporary access card performed admirably as well. You would think a museum would have more high tech security. What does my membership donation go to these days? But I digress, we were "stolen" and wound up loaded into a noisy truck just begging for some engine and suspension work.

Hot Boxing the Box Truck

File:Samicon.gif Sam Scoter: Poyo plans the next step, and rolls the truck like we're laundry in the wash cycle. It catches fire, and my bell is ringing something awful. Poyo breaks one wall out, and I break the other. Burger's bulge is having a hard time with his seatbelt. "Here, let me help," I say, as I stuff a stick of dynamite under the buckle. "Gee, thanks!" the addle-brain replies.

When I finally get back to the main exit Poyo built, the truck is broiling and I've run into a mountain of ugly called Boxcar, who swings a huge gold statue at me. We dance for a bit, along with Blades, Burger, etc, but when the music stops, it's the Beagles that are goin' on the wagon and taking a trip back up the river.

Shame about the statue, though.

From the journal of Dr. Meow, PHD, PHD, MS - Poyo really needs to control his physical impulses! He did stop the vehicle but a controlled EMP would have done it without damaging the art inside. We could have been severly injured. On an unrelated note the Atomic Net Deploy worked, but was not as effective as I hoped against an armed assailant. Perhaps I should electrify the net? That would reduce the power cell's lifespan to a measley 5 years but might help subdue the target more effectively. The spray on bronzer was useful as an improvized weapon, perhaps a ranged delivery system would make a good non-lethal weapon? We defeated the Beagle Boys, but the statue was reduced to nothing more than surplus gold. (Incidently great for building conductors.) I doubt the museum will be happy but they did lose it in the first place. Looks like my expertise will be needed soon, next up a race in Tokyo! Better pull my atomic turbine design.

Milestone & Next Episode

  • 3rd aspect and stunt acquired
    • Poyo: Aspect "Threatening Theatrics", armor student
    • Meow: Aspect "Power Mad", Stunt Investigate against Deceive.
    • Sam: Aspect "I'm on a Job", Stunt: Deceive as Provoke
  • Skill point to turn a 0 into a 1
  • Stan advanced: improve physique, new aspect
  • New game-wide aspect: "All about the ratings"
  • Transylvania location shelved, Ducksonian introduced
  • Next episode revealed: Tokyo Drift


  • Continuing aspect, "Tailed by Fenton", still unused. Will expire after Tokyo Drift.
  • +1 point to Beagle Boys