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GPCFBRPGN:11 E4S3 Meteoric Consequences

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Starring: AumsaIcon.gif Amsah, BlinkIcon.gif Blink, BrooksIcon.gif Brooks, FosterIcon.gif Foster, GideonIcon.gif Gideon
Guest Starring: The High Druid Uul, Jury at Ull's Grove
Challenge: [Encounter 1] Displacer, Reaper, Ripper ×2, [Encounter 2] Azaron (Huge Black Dragon}
Location: Ull's Grove
Date Played: 2019 May 1

GM Play notes

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Player Notes

AumsaIcon.gif Amsah:

BlinkIcon.gif Blink:

BrooksIcon.gif Brooks:

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GideonIcon.gif Gideon: