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Starring: AumsaIcon.gif Amsah, BlinkIcon.gif Blink, BrooksIcon.gif Brooks, FosterIcon.gif Foster, GideonIcon.gif Gideon, File:RosadwnnIcon.png Rosadwnn
Guest Starring: The High Druid Uul
Challenge: The choking yoke of capitalism
Location: Ull's Grove
Date Played: 2019 May 15

GM Play notes

DM-d20.jpg GM: The players determine what to sell or use from the remains of Azaron. They are also introduced to File:RosadwnnIcon.png Rosadwnn, who was held captive by Ull and given release.

Player Notes

AumsaIcon.gif Amsah:

BlinkIcon.gif Blink:

BrooksIcon.gif Brooks:

FosterIcon.gif Foster: I am very proud of how the group worked together. I think we all went in with our priorities of what to make from the dragon, and compromised well. It helped, of course, that we all rolled spectacularly well when finding the resources. I'm really interested to see how the information we found carries through to the rest of the game, and what the consequences of selling part of the dragon will be.

Also, Foster is just going to continuously fly around on her glider when she has nothing else to do. Sweet flips, hot stunts, anywhere and errywhere!

GideonIcon.gif Gideon:

File:RosadwnnIcon.png Rosadwnn:

Dragonic Information

Item Making

  1. Though getting things enchanted is rare, it is possible that components from powerful creatures (such as dragons) can get enchanted with the right reagents.
  2. Reagents are often tied to the nature of the beast. In the case of a black dragon, you will need reagents that are powerfully aligned with the earth, poison, and innate magic.
  3. There are rumors that rituals must be performed under a full moon, as the strongest of dragons used to use the moon as a focus of power.

Dragon Weaknesses

  1. Scale Patterns - When you encounter a dragon, it is vulnerable to your attacks until you score your first critical hit.
  2. Knowing Habits - When you encounter a dragon, the escalation dice starts at +1 instead of +0.
  3. Vulnerable Spots - When you encounter a dragon, it is weakened when you score a critical hit until the end of your next turn.

Past Draconic Conficts

  1. Dragons aligned themselves with the dwarves against the elves. It appears that the metallic dragons abstained from the conflict, the chromatic were forced, and a third party is the one that split the two factions.
  2. Rebellious chromatic dragons often had to deal with beings known as gemlings. These are humanoids with draconic traits that are not directly linked to known dragons.
  3. It is rumored that the dragons defeated the gods many ages ago, which is why the gods do not interact with man. They did this by tying their lifeforce to the gods to suppress them. If dragons are coming back, perhaps the gods will too, but who knows what could have happened to either in such a long period of time.

Circle of the Three

  1. The Circle of the Three was run by the lineage of The Three (dragon worshippers or dragons, depending on the Age). They governed all chromatic dragons.
  2. The circle was composed of the most elder of dragons and the circle sat a total of 10 dragons. The ranking was based on influence, not power, and some say that being part of the circle gives you diving gifts.
  3. When a member of the circle was dethroned, it was often a bloody ordeal. The victor would consume the heart of the winner, and it is said that this is how the divine powers are passed on to other individuals. History tells of non-dragons, having seats, but most often died in the “process of transition.”