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GPCFBRPGN:13 E5S2 Open Sesabees

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Starring: BlinkIcon.gif Blink, BrooksIcon.gif Brooks, FosterIcon.gif Foster, GideonIcon.gif Gideon, File:RosadwnnIcon.png Rosadwnn
Guest Starring: Glinvizz_Tomespanner, The Thunder Chief
Challenge: Hellwasp ×2, Large Bees ×4, Beelings (8) ×2, rough/sticky terrain
Location: Ull's Grove
Date Played: 2019 June 5

GM Play notes

DM-d20.jpg GM:

Player Notes

BlinkIcon.gif Blink:

BrooksIcon.gif Brooks:

FosterIcon.gif Foster: HALLO BEEEEEEES! Also, this fight is where Foster finally learns to not just keep hitting things until they fall. That psychic damage from the eye is going to be the catalyst for a lot of character development... or at least learning how to use other tools.

GideonIcon.gif Gideon:

File:RosadwnnIcon.png Rosadwnn: