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GPCFBRPGN:15 E5S4 Battle at the Bayou

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Starring: AumsaIcon.gif Amsah, BlinkIcon.gif Blink, FosterIcon.gif Foster, File:RosadwnnIcon.png Rosadwnn
Guest Starring: Specialist Stinger, Private First Class Shino, Private Tyuule, Garren Mossraker
Challenge: [Encounter 1] Adamantortoise (avoided); [Encounter 2], Dretch (4) ×2, Aerial Spores (4) ×2
Location: Black Skylands
Date Played: 2019 July 3

GM Play notes

DM-d20.jpg GM:

Player Notes

AumsaIcon.gif Amsah:

BlinkIcon.gif Blink:

FosterIcon.gif Foster: This episode was a really great break from form. I loved playing another character and class, and getting out of Foster's head for awhile. I'm very interested to see what happens when the main PCs get back together and compare notes.

I loved the tortoise, and how the consequences of interacting with it could go many ways. Great characterization for the NPCs. I liked the simplified PC gnomes, too - made it very easy to just pick up the character and play. Really excellent, all around.

File:RosadwnnIcon.png Rosadwnn: