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GPCFBRPGN:3 E2S1 Behind Enemy Lines

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Starring: AumsaIcon.gif Amsah, BlinkIcon.gif Blink, BrooksIcon.gif Brooks, FosterIcon.gif Foster, GideonIcon.gif Gideon
Guest Starring: Malcolm_Burwright
Challenge: [Encounter 1.1] Trog ×3; [Encounter 1.2] Hired Crusader security
Location: Ushiny, Xianxin
Date Played: 2018 December 18


GM Play notes

DM-d20.jpg GM: The players find themselves in the country of Xianxin in the capital city of Ushiny. They try and make sense of everything around them and find their next steps.

  • Group hides from Malatyne and finds a safe inn.
    • BrooksIcon.gif Brooks seems to teleport there in his sleep.
    • AumsaIcon.gif Amsah is delivered in a box as a gift to FosterIcon.gif Foster as well as an indigo sword-scarf.
  • Look around town for a way out.
    • FosterIcon.gif Foster gets marked by troglodytes
  • Hijack Malcolm's rusted airship to try and get a way to remove the smell
    • Leave him in the inn
  • Groups split up
    • AumsaIcon.gif Amsah, BlinkIcon.gif Blink, and GideonIcon.gif Gideon go to the sewers to track down the trogs
      • [Encounter 1.1]
        • Find a small trog nest and some tracks
    • BrooksIcon.gif Brooks and FosterIcon.gif Foster keep watch
      • [Encounter 1.2]
        • Finds that abductions are happening in the area, and it may not just be Malatyne, but trogs and their ringleader.
  • Come back to see Malcolm being prepped for sacrifice by trogs and a sahaugin.
    • Creatures escape out the windows.

Player Notes

AumsaIcon.gif Amsah:

BlinkIcon.gif Blink:

BrooksIcon.gif Brooks:

FosterIcon.gif Foster: So, this episode is where Foster really starts to struggle. 1) Trying to hide her overwhelming pain and anger at being sold to Malatyne. 2) Having to work with Amsah??? An agent of Malatyne? Oh no, no way, not at all. Foster actually tried to kill her a few times, but rolled poorly.

This episode delved into Brooks a bit, which was interesting. It highlighted the importance of relationships, especially with the icons: if Brooks weren't deep in with The Crusader, his side plot probably wouldn't have been so intriguing.

A++ to splitting the party for the sewer battle. Good job everyone, having absolutely no tanks or healers!

GideonIcon.gif Gideon: