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GPCFBRPGN:4 E2S2 How Gideon Got His Grove Back

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Starring: AumsaIcon.gif Amsah, BlinkIcon.gif Blink, BrooksIcon.gif Brooks, FosterIcon.gif Foster, GideonIcon.gif Gideon
Guest Starring: Malcolm Burwright
Challenge: [Encounter 1] Trog ×2, Trog Chanter, Lake monster hazard; [Encounter 2] Sahaugin, Imp, Dretch ×3
Location: Sewers under Ushiny
Date Played: 2019 January 8


GM Play notes

DM-d20.jpg GM: The players meet with Malcolm at his estate. GideonIcon.gif Gideon and he join in a totem pact and everyone agrees to end the sahaugin threat to seal the pact.

  • Malcolm reveals he is not so enfeebeld and was doing it as a defense mechanism.
  • Agreed to join the totem of the opossum.
    • Ritual involves trading an item of value that both have in a grab-and-snatch.
  • GideonIcon.gif Gideon got stuck in a cocoon state.
    • Malcolm has to commit a heroic act to complete the ritual with GideonIcon.gif Gideon
      • Decide to remove the sahaugin threat.
  • Travel to sewers to find the nest that BlinkIcon.gif Blink found the tracks to.
    • [Encounter 1]
  • Find further notes of a ritual room
    • Sahaugin has books that were stolen from The Diabolist and was using bodies to summon an army of devils (slowly)
      • [Encounter 2]
  • Group finds the complete the ritual they must make amends with the rest of Malcolm's family.
    • Determined to get more information of the situation thy find themselves in by going to Sandestea and reunite Marlene Burwright at the same time.

Player Notes

AumsaIcon.gif Amsah:

BlinkIcon.gif Blink:

BrooksIcon.gif Brooks:

FosterIcon.gif Foster: This episode really kicked off the longer plotline with Gideon. I really appreciate that there are plots we can dip in and out of, and it's not a step-by-step process to get through the game.

I think this episode is one where the group really solidified its fighting style - Foster in first, Blink from a distance, Gideon bouncing in and out, and Brooks and Amsah striking where it makes the most sense. You can feel the group getting more comfortable with our skill sets, and the responding intensity of the battles is really fun.

GideonIcon.gif Gideon: