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NW:5 Brenton Enjoys A Faerie Trap

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Starring: Sedeq-icon.gif Sedeq, Pitor-icon.gif Pitor, Falcon-icon.gif Falcon, Brenton-icon.gif Brenton, and introducing Kane
Guest Starring: Arry Frey, Edwin Bainbridge, Dario Nardozzi, Eleanor Oaksey, Pawel Laski
Challenge: Drowned; Faerie traps
Location: Exploring up the river/west of the colony
Date Played: 03 May 2011

Soggy Undead

Brenton-icon.gif Brenton: Just when I think I'm going to have time to work on my devices there is an ear piercing scream in the distance. Chances are it is either a woman or Pitor. Against my better judgement I grab a spade and head out to see what it is. Watching a new creatures eating habits may be interesting, after all.

What I did come upon was a water-bloated person walking from the shore. This would be no big discovery under normal circumstances. What intrigued me most was the fact that the ocean appeared to follow it; a stream of water always at its feet.

It quickly showed that it was not friendly, that I have a feeling some of the others have done the same before hand. I stayed back and watched them fight for a little bit before I came upon a grand hypothesis. I took my spade and began digging a trench to cut the creature from it's water source. I called to the others to lend a hand but they were too thick and kept swinging at the thing. I will never understand ignorance in the face of brilliance. At least Pitor lent a foot to help dig the trench.

Once removed from it's water source it began to quickly shrivel. It was quite fleet in returning to the water. With the threat momentarily removed I decided it was time to ready the Umberjack. Sadly, the creature never returned.

Falcon-icon.gif Falcon: After days of hardwork I find myself ready close my eyes and let my body and mind get some rest. Then a scream filled he night air. I ran toward the action. To see something that was part man and sea but all evil. In the heat of battle arrow seem to have little to no effect on it. It made it way to the encampment. I found myself in hand and to hand combat with the creature. But the victory was possible by Brenton key mind seeing the creature link to the sea and stopping it.

New Assignment

Brenton-icon.gif Brenton: Will we ever get a moments rest! Now they have me walking up the river to find, well, whatever it is that they want us to find. I decide this is the perfect time to try to find some metal to work with as there are not many spare tools and I would like to find some metals to work with. I designed quite the ingenious dowsing rod, but instead of water it find magnetic metals. It picks up most of the group from quite a distance, so I at least know it works. Now it will just be some patience and fatigue until I find a vein. Though maybe all the metal on this island is non-magnetic. An island full of gold and silver; how useless!

Falcon-icon.gif Falcon: The wantbe lords and money baron barking orders. Thinking there better then others. These fools would fall over dead from hards day work and stiff drink. I found want this meeting to end quickly.

Natural High

Brenton-icon.gif Brenton: Our travels took us to a set of stairs made of carved stone. The group was naturally inquisitive so we decided to investigate and mark it on our map. At first, we were beset by tiny crossbows. I have a great idea for this and have the others help me gather them up. I get a nice collection to begin my blueprints for the Quill Shell.

Falcon is the first to find one of the most marvelous things I've encountered yet. He stepped to a certain point and there was an explosion of tiny chimes and colorful lights and powder. Upon tasting him, I determined it was not caused by a powder or liquid, so it was most likely magic. With just a few steps I was able to set off another burst and found quite a great euphoria. It is not as fine as some of the natural ones I have encountered, but the availability and lack of side effects appeals to me greatly. I volunteer to find the perimeter. It went well.

The source appears to be a fey tree. Some want to burn it down, but eventually they are convinced to leave it alone. This makes me even happier. It is a good thing we did, too, as it is a nice defense against some wolves that hunt in this area. We noticed them only walk around the perimeter, never daring to enter. This made quite a safe night for us.

Falcon-icon.gif Falcon: I found myself altered from trap I never seen it before. I didnt like it..

Marks of Civilization

Brenton-icon.gif Brenton: After fording a river, we noticed large statues at the mouth of a cave-in. Kane ask if I have explosive. I wish I had explosives. I really need to work on find things that explode here. Good man, that Kane. Without a way to get through the cave, we marvel at the statues and carry further along the river.

Falcon-icon.gif Falcon: More markings of this so called new world has deep history. I find myself wanting to know more. It my mind from the horror and wrong I must set right when I return to my homelands..

Character Updates

Brenton-icon.gif Brenton: We all agree that the "expertise" ability is pretty weak. I propose that Brenton switches his to "Trivia Master." Also not super great (bardic knowledge light that uses a conviction), but flavorful. Objections Randy?

DM-d20.jpg DM—No objections. Go ahead with the switch. --Randy (Talk) 00:03, 18 May 2011 (UTC)
Note, I already have that one on Sedeq. --Mqs 01:07, 18 May 2011 (UTC
I don't want to double up then. I just really find expertise useless, especially after a level or two. Any other suggestions anyone?--Askewnotion 15:53, 18 May 2011 (UTC)
Have you considered Specialist? --Randy (Talk) 16:53, 18 May 2011 (UTC)
Either that or take Brave and call it Estranged.

Falcon-icon.gif Falcon: Up to this point I am the first one in battle. When level up comes what skills or feat will improve my hand to hand combat I see myself heading in the direction..

If you're going to start doing hand-to-hand stuff, I would start you out with Improved Strike so that your fists do lethal damage. I would follow that up at a future level with Knockout Punch. --Randy (Talk) 16:53, 18 May 2011 (UTC)