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Vat:20 Tanks For The Memories

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Starring: Paulineicon.gif Pauline, Koz.gif Koz, Joseph.gif Joseph
Guest Starring: Linka
Challenge: ex-KGB/Nazi Vampires
Location: Romania
Date Played: 10 Apr 13

Lost in Translation

Paulineicon.gif Pauline: Eventually Joseph manages to work out a meaningful pidgin to use with the priest. Koz gets us a breakfast date with the priest for tomorrow, and most of the team heads back to the hotel. Thinking about the heist, I try and get some tools. I figure it can't hurt to be prepared. That turns into a much bigger chore than I expected- our cabbie takes me to an abandoned construction site that kids have turned into a playground, and I can't help myself- I have to spend the better part of the morning making sure there's nothing that will outright kill them.

When I get back to the hotel, Linka is waiting outside. She's a little shit to my cabbie, and scares him off. The only good news about her being here is that she's ready to be our wheelman.

Casing the Joint

Paulineicon.gif Pauline: We head back to the palace, and plot a route. Suspecting vampires, we note that the entire upper floor has sunroofs. We are likely to be safe up there, or safeish. We work out several escape routes.

Broken Fast

Paulineicon.gif Pauline: The meal with the priest is as awkward as you might imagine. Whatever wizardry Koz used to make him our best friend has long since worn off. He breaks out St. George's reliquary, and Joseph makes a little magical switch. We try and slip away, but obviously, the spooks aren't going to let us walk out.

Eventually, they try and corner us on the upper floor. Someone outside drapes tarps over the roof to block the sun. One spook appears and turns into some kind of night mare horse creature thing. It's a big fight, but we lay a few big hits on him. The vampire spook shows up to claim his unconscious form. We run for it- just in time to see the tank lining up outside.

We pile into an elevator while we watch the tank line up a shot on us. Somehow, we make it to the ground floor before they blow the elevator away, and bolt for the limo, which Linka has kept handy. There's a few moments of crazy driving- crazier, I should say- and we quickly lose the tank on the surface streets.

From there, we go to the train depot- Amiri has worked out an escape route.