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Advancement Guidelines


Fate Pool: 1

	Attnd	Wiki
Joseph	17	14
Pauline	14	12
Koz	16	0
Amiri	14	14


Joseph	17	13
Pauline	16	12
Koz	14	0
Amiri   14      10


  • +1 level Hard to Kill to every character in #13.

Updated 19:24, 21 January 2013 (EST) (case 13)


  • Use the template below, including the Starring wiki template.
  • Write *in character* as though you were making an official case report to be on-file with VAT.
    • When discussing monsters/phenomena: Remember, as far as VAT and your characters are concerned, it's all NEW. Even if you know "myth and legend" about them, it's still that -- it's not like there's a DB of known things. You can coin words for them too! (But there is the shared cultural lexicon, like the monsters from Case 01 are "lycanthropes" or "werebeasts". But, sometimes they might just very well be Jefferson Starships.)
  • For each major section, answer: "Were any supernatural abilities utilized? [Were they justified?]", "Were any shots fired? [Were they justified?]", "Were there any casualties? [Were they justified?]"
  • When filling out any location or NPC pages, the group gains one shared fate point that anyone can use.
  • There's a +1 XP per character per recap reward for filling out the wiki. This point may only be spent on skills. You have up to one month (real time) or the next session (whichever is longest) to fill out the recap to collect this. (Waiting any longer and your memory might not properly recall things.
  • Remember, foes are not limited to combat encounters.
  • Increment the number in the category tag so that sort order will be correct.

Starring Template

|pc={{Joseph }}, {{Pauline}}, {{Amiri}}, {{Sophia}}, {{Steve}}
|location=[[Vat:Location/Blawnox Bus Garage]]
|foe=Biker-Terrorist, Werebear, Werewolf
|date=25 May 2012

== Major Section ==

=== Sub Section ===

== Post Session/free time/shopping/downtime ==