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A:15 Far Realm

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Starring: βέλος, Kweto Lucullus, Jayvin De-gaul, and introducting Siyrt
Guest Starring: Iskander val'Mehan, Diantha val'Emman (played by Eric), Gunter, Underbrush, Entity, Corruk (Dwarf Adept), Saladin, Enrique (Expert)
Challenge: Bloated and distorted creature appearing to be Mauritis who split into parts; Tomb Spider MM4
Location: First City in the Blessed Lands; Strange Chaotic Realm
Date Played: 14 Jan 2010

The Far Realm

Finding themselves in the Far Realm, the deposed party searches its loot from the expedition, hoping something is in there to be found. There are some gems, an undecipherable map, and a navigation aid. The party meets Entity, a wispy color pool sound creature thing. There's some mutual education. It takes the party to an Elori practicing yoga with an army of flies coming out of its mouth.

Box Text Transportation


Goblic Thunder

Siyrt, Jayvin and company are assisted by the goblin Frisky Whiskers and his intelligence information.

Siyrt: These humans are too slow to act. They disreguard the glory that is the Fire Dragon and my people are still left without a temple after all this time. Hopefully this is one of the last errands I have to do before gaining some land for our god's worship.

I joined a group called the Emerald Society. They put me in a unit consisting of a "leader" named Jayvin, a warrior named Saladin, and a dwarven adept of little note.

Breaking and Entering

Look under the rug.

Siyrt: Our first goal was to enter the goblin huts while there was a distraction caused by a larger force of the Emerald Society. We made our way to a side wall and climbed up it without notice.

I saw a group of goblin guards unaware of my presence and took position to attack them from cover. Jayven then waved me off and soon after strolled into open view to attack them. I swear, this is why the humans can't defend a block of land on a plateau. I stood back from this fight, honestly with a slight bit of hope that the goblins could bring an end to their follyous actions so that I may go about with the clarity of action that the Fire Dragon provides me.

The goblins were little match, though, and we found a secret door in the main hut. Seeing as it was untrapped, we entered into the caverns below.


Siyrt: The caverns stretched for a good while, eventually leading to a large, domed room. It looked like some great, large meeting station that has fallen to poor repair. It looks too well built for humans and dwarves don't come from these parts. A very interesting find.

As we explored the area we saw some odd protrusions on the floor. As we went to explore them we were attacked by a crypt spider. It's poison made the healing blessings of the Fire Dragon useless, but as an interesting turn of events my healing harmed it. Using this tactics and some favorable combat manuvers aided with my spellcasting, we were able to take down the vermin.

Jayvin was in shock when he saw his companions in the mounds. He started to dig them up, revealing that all but two of them were dead. He talked to the one that looked like an archer for a good while. There appeared to be some shock on his face as it looks like they have been down here for over ten years.

Jayvin De-gaul: He return to 1st city for own mission. Within a short time he pulled back into the combat of that dity. He mind rushes with five years of horror and combat, be he force it down, he steps into a leadership role. He place in command of a small scout team to do a seek and destory on enemy outpost. The combat leads to underground vault in the course of combat earthen mounds broken part. To Jayvin surprise to see his lost friends thought to be many years dead. After short reunion with long loss friends, he mind shift to the reason he return to the 1st city..

Belos' travel scraps

  • box text
  • astral-like
  • gems
  • color pool creature thing, "entity"
  • box, yoga, elori, flies/army battle
  • monster back - mauritius
  • flash back to city
  • jayvin/siryt, saladin, adept, enrique
  • frisky whiskers
  • fort, goblins, rug
  • tomb spider and webs
  • we're back


Moved to Slush

Recap reward
1 skill point in any knowledge awarded to Siyrt, Jayvin, and Kweto.

Sadly, time has passed

The magic that transported you to the strange and chaotic realms held your bodies safe from all but the ravages of time. Slightly over a decade has gone by for all the characters, putting most of them in their early 30s.

Kweto Lucullus Time has passed, yet I'm still a sexy beast, whose clothes are a bit short. Did I sleep grow? I hope Jayvin De-gaul split and delivered the slush to my mother, Eshe. He better have done it in person, though I wouldn't mind if he only gave her a token since her store was doing brisk business.

Kweto Lucullus I had a dream ... Now I have a silver scar neck to groin which I remember getting from a giant. The other mass of scarring across my pecs that makes it look like a longsword seems to be a sign. Might want to see a tattooist after I talk with Enzio in Enpebyn. I'll start visting all the first city shrines starting with Ilir and ending at Althares then Hurrian. I'm rethinking a lot of my reactions toward Template:Starlet. She's the only warrior example I have of Hurrian that I've spoken at length. It'll be hard to stop instigating situations and I've no idea on how to "fight fair". Is it unfair to win?