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Starring: βέλος, Diantha val'Emman, Kweto Lucullus, Mauritius, Starlet. Jayvin De-gaul and Utu Pratalong were delivering messages for Enzio.
Guest Starring: Enzio val'Tensen, Teemu, Marcel Wilhem, Stefan and Stefanie Wilhem, Tatyana val'Ishi
Challenge: Gathering herbs; Vasuthant (2) and Spectral Lyrist; Tatyana, her guards, and a collection of warlocks
Location: Enpebyn: Hopewell Cemetery; White Prophet House (Inn); Estate of Tatyana val'Ishi
Date Played: 07 June 2009

WoW, more questing!

Kweto Lucullus Enzio told us the survivor of the attack was in dire condition that needed a professional. We agreed and hurried to Enpebym to find a physician. On the road, we attempted to question the bandits and found them unresponsive from some sort of compulsion. They did like to nip though. Acquired two well made longswords with the same makers mark. My collection has two new additions.

City guards didn’t give us any trouble and even took the bandits of drool off our hands. Found an eclectic healer by the name of Teemu who could heal our victim. Unfortunately we had to collect three herbs that were not in his shop. Teemu could obviously use an apprentice. Found two of the herbs in the bazaar with a little haggling. One of the herbalists claimed that Teemu had a reputation as a soul broker.
Went to a graveyard to locate some moonlily and were turned away by a surly digger. Belos and I slipped over the wall while Starlet kept him distracted with her annoyance. We crept between the graves until we found a fresh one with moonlillies so I could show the art of flower cutting with a longsword. Just as we were leaving two Vasuhaunts and a ghostly flutist asked us to leave our souls behind, which we declined on the run. We took damage and many of the group had bits of their souls shredded covering our retreat. Starlet mentioned that the gravedigger was killed when she caught up to me.

Mauritius Upon reaching the gates of Enpebyn we were stopped by two guards that asked us our business. The unconscious man in the roused some suspicion, though showing the bloody remains of the bug creatures induced retching from the guards and allowance into the city as well as the name of a skilled healer named Teemu.

Teemu said that he was able to heal the man, but this required three herbs that he did not have readily available. We were instructed to hurry around town and retrieve three herbs. Two of the herbs were available from various apothecaries around the city, though at a great monetary price.

The third and most important herb was the moonlillies which had to be plucked at night when the moon was high from a fresh grave to have the most power. We found a graveyard called Hopewell Cemetery but were barred entrance. My sister and my noble bearing was of no use to get in, so Kweto and Belos crept inside.

The pair was confronted by a spectral apparition that resembled the gravekeeper as well as two balls of darkness that carried the unholy blight of undeath. They seemed very resistant to our attacks and they were capable of draining our strength and humanity with a touch so we were force to retreat. Luckily we were able to make off with the moonlillies. The undead were destroyed by the spectral legionaries as we left our wake.

Where's a party when you need one?

Kweto Lucullus Teemu was able to save our survivor and Mauritius and I stayed to assure others that he still had a soul. I informed those staying at the inn that all was well and availed myself of the city armorers. Our survivor awoke and named himself Marcel Wilhelm who was surprised we hadn’t looted his wagon. I’m not sure why everyone looked at me but explaining my new longsword juggling act defused the situation.

Marcel told us that his children had been abducted by persons unknown. He asked us to hire a coach to haul him about so he could dowse for his children. After a ride he told us that one of his enemies, Tatyana val’Ishi, had abducted them for a likely sacrifice. He offered to pay us to raid her estate and recover his children. I was surprised Starlet, Diantha, and Mauritius agreed to participate.

Enzio had us attend a ceremony at the temple where we got awards, healing, and an offer of further services at a discount.

Mauritius plan was to be invited to a party at the estate and I would act his manservant. We found the clothing but were unable to find the party. Starlet caught a lucky break seeing Tatyana’s servants organizing for a party and talking Mauritius onto the list. The party went well for Maritius who was invited to the dessert sacrifice. I was unable to locate the service entrances from the other servants.

Mauritius Kweto and I stayed behind as the rest of the group rested and reported to the church of Hurrian. He and are both share the un-need to see their temples and were more concerned with the statehood of our potential survivor.

He eventually awoke and introduced himself as Marcel Wilhelm. He was a little suspicious of us at first and was very dreaded in that he was back in Enpebyn. He was put at ease, though, when he found out that we did not loot any of the contents of his cart and that we had his best interest at heart. Well, some of us did at least... I hope.

Marcel was a bit tight lipped at first, cautious with his trust, but eventually revealed that it was Tatyana val'Ishi that kidnapped his children. It appears that, like me, she was a worshiper of Cadic. She seems to worship the murdering aspect as opposed the the aspects I prefer to hold dear to myself. Her radicalism is a concern to me in that it often gives Cadic a poor name in many communities.

With some research we found out that she likes to hold many parties. With my namesake and status as a legionnaire, I spread around a little coin to get myself invited to the party and enlisted Kweto to be my manservant for the evening. Unfortunately, not matter how hard we looked, we couldn't find any word of a party. Luckily fate had the party stumble upon Starlet and she got the invitation for me.

While in the party I made small talk with the guest and tried my best to overhear any talk about the children. My lucky break was when I was invited to an after-party that involved events that required a "strong will and fortitude." From this I could only assume that it was a potential sacrifice of the children.

I informed Kweto of what was transpiring and for him to arrange the rest of the group to break in and help me stop what was going on. I gathered my equipment on the pretense of thinking it may have been a gladiatorial event that was to transpire and reentered the party.

Tentacles love children

Kweto Lucullus In one hour the sacrifice would occur and Mauritius was the only one inside. We split up to locate other entrances and I found that the chefs of Enpebym have the thickest skulls. Starlet then talked herself inside and Diantha, Belos and I watched on points hoping that Starlet would signal our entrance. Surprisingly Starlet opened the door closest to me and Diantha then Belos entered the kitchen bare of thick-skulled chefs.

Starlet and I were still keeping the guards talking but we were just maneuvering for position since they had asked me to leave, with a bang! I fired my sword-gun through its case at the circle of chanting arcanists and watched one drop. I hoped this would give Mauritius room but he was quickly held by Tatyana's spells. Starlet went to his aid while I was flanked and dropped trying to get to the hall. When I was woken by Starlet Diantha was down and Belos was trading quills with a guard.
Starlet and I laid down soem covering fire while Mauritius made a lunge to push the children from being dropped into the completed ritual of sacrificial tentacles. Tatyana proved to be cunning and we couldn't find a way to accomplish our goal without killing her. By this time all but Belos had been felled, it didn't take us much time to remove ourselves from a noble revenge by killing everyone in the estate that we found.
Belos organized a quick theft of the house while I went to the winehouse across the street where I had befriended some other servants. Getting them another pitcher and explaining that I needed some help in cleaning up another of my master's debaucheries they all entered the estate for some unsobering bribes. One of them brought a cart and with there help we loaded loot, friends, and children and headed straight for Teemu. At Teemu's we received more healing and was assued the children were alright. Only loose end is Mauritius name being used on the guestlist. This was too much like old times. I hope Belos was thinking me when he loaded. It being so hard to acquire heirloom weapons from the val.

Mauritius I spent the next hour waiting for most of the guest to filter out while waiting for my backup to arrive. I think they attempted to enter the building once as a cook came in through one of the side doors yelling that he was almost mugged. He had a brand on the side of his head that matched the markings of Starlet's gauntlet. I just hope they had a backup plan as this one seems to have failed.

As the clock was near to striking it's bell I saw Starlet enter the building in an outfit that could only be described as unfitting for one of her stature. She looked like a street harlot but twice as worse. I was just glad that at least one of the group found a way to make it inside.

We were invited into the garden area that was closed off from the original party. Starlet ran off as soon as the curtain opened; to get my companions I hope.

Inside there were six warlocks chanting as a cage hung above an alter that was sited an oily black mass. The chanting caused the black mass to rise and form tentacles that slowly rose toward the children. I did my best to hide my disgust and panic behind a mask of amusement and wonderment. I slowly started edging my way toward Tatyana to take her hostage. This is when my plan went to pieces.

Kweto came in carrying the case that we've often seen him with. It appears that was was housing a giant boomstick that he used with great skill. When this happened I tried to get near Tatyana and told her that I was going to protect her as I began to draw my blade from the shadows. Sadly she did not fall for my guise and I was effected by a spell that held me rigid. She threatened to kill me if the group did not surrender. Luckily my companions carried forth with their attack as saving the children's lives was more important that saving mine.

Tatyana summoned a blade with her unholy power and attempted to slay me multiple time with it but to no avail. I was eventually able to break the spell of holding and mount an offensive against the warlocks as the tentacle was rising to a hight that could reach the cages.

As the fight raged on, Tatyana broke away from the pack and maneuvered to the rope that held the children's cage aloft. She was too healthy for me to fell her with one blow so I readied myself to charge the cage as she cut the rope, hopefully knocking it away from the tentacled mass. If I was lucky, I'd clear the mass too.

The rope was cut and I jumped with all my might. Fate must have been on my side as it was the most powerful leap I have ever made. I hit the cage with all my might causing me and the cage to clear the tentacles with ease. Unfortunately the roughness of the fall knocked the two children unconscious.

With her sacrifice foiled, Tatyana ran for the door to escape our vengeance. A spell of protection that surrounded her with blades fell me during the battle, so I am not sure how the battle ended. All I know is that I have fleeting images racing though my battered state that let me know that I am not yet dead and that the may have been saved after all.


  • Bandits who attacked the wagon:
    • Two each of chainmail, masterwork longsword, shortbow (and arrows)
    • 200gp
  • From the Church of Hurrian
    • 500gp for each PC
    • Blessing of Hurrian: +2 holy bonus vs saves against Fear, with an additional +1 if you worship Hurrian
    • Favor of the Church of Hurrian in Enpebyn: Divine spellcasting costs are waived for the PC in the city of Enpebyn, though costly material components will still need to be furnished.
  • Tatyana's Home
    • 1000gp worth of items hastily removed from Tatyana's home
  • Tatyana
    • Shortsword, masterwork
    • Dagger
    • Heavy Leather Coat
    • Heavy Wooden Shield
    • Spell component pouch
  • Blond warrior
    • Shortsword, masterwork
    • Dagger
    • Studded Leather
    • Wooden holy symbol of Cadic; Lute
  • Common warriors
    • (2) Shortsword, masterwork
    • (2) Dagger
    • (2) Studded Leather
    • (2) Wooden holy symbol of Cadic
    • 100gp
  • Warlocks
    • (6) Dagger; Studded Leather; vial of blood

Additionally all PCs, save Jayvin and Utu, may swap out their last NPC class level.

+1 ap for Kweto and Mauritus

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