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A:4 Goblin Tenants

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Starring: βέλος, Diantha val'Emman, Kweto Lucullus, Mauritius, Starlet, Brand. Jayvin De-gaul and Utu Pratalong were delivering messages for Enzio.
Guest Starring: Starlet, Enzio val'Tensen, Marcel Wilhem, Stefan and Stefanie Wilhem, Father Quintus val'Tensen, Klemens Halecki, and Kun Bighooooooooooowl
Challenge: Glitterfire (removed DR); Painspeaker and Troll Skeleton; Visilight (DR removed) and Beltran Reko
Location: Enpebyn; Estate of Father Quintus val'Tensen; Goblin settlement on Halecki family lands
Date Played: 21 June 2009

Brand: So my current employer has hire myself and this dwarf I inhabit currently to escort a group of adventruers on some menial task. Since these records will not be seen by civilized people for quite some time I feel no obligation to hide anything from these records.

My name is Romix and well my story is for another time. So these adventurers had the good fortune to have a pair of Val with them. A brother from the legion, quite proper and the Lady Diantha. Apparently an annoying trumpet by the name of Starlet was with them but found some minor amusement that occupied her time elsewhere.

There was a young human scout, Jayvin who was being groomed for hero work. A tedius task but the boy had to have means of providing for his future whelps. A Kio named Kweto, a bit ragtag in his mode of operations for Kio society but he had his hands full training Jayvin. Utu, an Elorii true namer, who for some reason that escaped the foundations of the Universe, worships Althares. How twig of a family tree went into that elemental spirit. Oh yes, there is also the matter of Belos. A human walking purse with an obvious bow compensation problem. Of course I'm stuck in this damnable dwarf so who am I to talk.

So I guide this group to the goblin tenants that my current employer has a family pact with which just oozes deviant. The first night of camp we were awoken by the inability of the Kio and his young protege ward to deal with swampgas. It turns out to be a glitterfire and the Lady Diantha and I quickly resumed our beauty sleep while her brother laid waist to the cloud of glitters. We came across some goblins that muttered something and the group apparently paused waiting for the heavens to open forth a gold path and wipe their asses. So I nudged the young hero in training forward with some bits of encouragement and he was able to have an understanding with the walking rodents of ragdom aka goblins. The group was taken to meet the chief, an rather disgusting breed of fleadom that called himself King Coon Big Howl. He was quite pleased with his name, and he decided that he wanted a sacrifice for allowing the group to help him with the problem infesting their caves. Of course the group realized that if we were going into caves the knowledge inside this dwarf might come handy. So no dwarf sacrifice. We enter the cave and the dwarf actually had some interesting comments about geographical rock compositions and possible mining potentials. Of course once again the hero Jayvin was coached by Kweto to go forth and lead the group with torches into the scary caves.

We actually found an ancient battlefield where a past Legion heroically sacrificed themselves to defeat a race called the Il-houn. The Elorii were given credit for this act of genocide but, apparently they weren't quite as efficient in the task as they claimed. Of course being slaves to a bunch of magicked out snakes would leave me less than gung ho about fulfilling their gruesome tasks too. The historically value here was impressive and I shall alert the appropiate adepts about its location when I can. This is when we came across the spirit of a messenger that was a pain speaker. I natural anthesis to the true namer. Escorted by a troll skeleton. Both proved to be tough enough to fell the fair lady Diantha. I of course raced to her side to protect her while her brother lead the charge to destroy the evil creatures.

Kweto Lucullus Found some antique weapons from the battle. My new collection features the Legion of the Doom of Chendo. Feel relieved that the message has now been delivered.

Brand: The hero in training insisted on cutting off the creatures head and well, bringing them to the goblin king(I like to scream my name) Coon Big Howl. We then returned to the local temple of Hurrian to have my employer read a chalice of ancient historical significance. That is when the trumpet starlet said her quick goodbyes and dashed off to read some drug written scroll of unkown content. The reading took place and my employer went into an eplitic episode leaving him bloody and hurt. Of course this is when a gentleman by the name of Beltran Reko shows up to talk to Father Quintin Val'Tensen. The group knew this person as an agent possessed by alien intellict, which isn't always bad let me tell you. So they asked me to bring him to a trap so that they can capture him and try and destroy his "mindslug". I of course made my way to the front chambers and was having a difficult time getting him to come back to the group when a scream sounded down the hall. A Visilight appeared and was being somewhat concerned about the Chalice being damaged during the reading.

So when this opera ghost from a bad playwright appears the group immediately runs into the hall to fight her while leaving my poor employer on the floor suffering from advance truamatic seizures. When Beltran appears around the corner he and the group recognize one another. The Lady and I were able to bring him down with electrical attacks with some minor help from the supporting adventurers. This displeased some of the members of the group who felt that a milder form of persuasion would allow the individual to redeem his tarnished soul. So the Lady and I went back to insure my employers health. I may find myself in search of new monetary means if my employer doesn't recover.

Klemens psychometric reading of the chalice

Klemens picks up the chalice gently, turning it slowly. His eyes roll back into his head and for a long time he is silent. "I see a bear of a man, drinking blood from this chalice. His clothing and armament make him appear to be a warrior of sorts, and he wears a holy symbol of Hurrian. The blood in the cup is different, somehow. An aid refers to him as one of the four." Blood starts to come out of Klemens nose and he begins shaking. "He is called Damien by his aide, everything is getting blurry." Blood begins to come out of Klemens eyes. "Something is waving, no some things are waving..." Suddenly Klemens collapses to the ground, shaking violently. As the chalice hits the ground, it dents as it lands.


  • 1850 gp from Marcel. (This was already added to the Slush --Randy (Talk) 00:45, 23 June 2009 (UTC))

Has this been split up? --Mqs 17:16, 18 July 2009 (UTC)

Yes it has. It was added to the 3rd sessions slush. All funds are processed one day after adventuring or loot posting as I am now the "slushmaster" of the group. --Askewnotion 22:23, 18 July 2009 (UTC)

Jayvin and Utu may swap out their last NPC class level.