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A:5 A Comet Appears

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Starring: βέλος, Diantha val'Emman, Kweto Lucullus, Mauritius, Jayvin De-gaul and Utu Pratalong
Guest Starring: Enzio val'Tensen, Klemens Halecki, Lady Zorah val'Assante, Yorgos, Elias, Hiram, Levi, and Yosef
Challenge: Bigots (One on horseback, four on foot); Negotiating with Klemens Halecki
Location: Enpebyn
Date Played: 11 July 2009

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

While interrogating Beltran in a Zone of Truth, it was revealed that he can call upon a blade from shadow. He is still charmed by his slug, Zylarthan the World Tamer, who wants to add the chalice to its "collection". Beltran said that he was to use any means necessary to obtain the chalice. After further interrogation proved fruitless, the party, having little faith in the church's ability to prevent him from escaping, turned him over to authorities. It was made known to them that he attacked a noble, amongst other crimes.

Mauritius: To determine what Beltran was truly up to I paid one of the clerics of Hurrian to cast a detect life spell. It didn't detect one of the slugs inside of Beltran, though there was an odd reading that there was a secondary presence somewhere in the room. We couldn't determine what it was so we resorted to a zone of truth.

We found that Beltran was now without slug since the slug is testing him and if he was worthy he would once again host the abomination. His goal was to steal the chalice because it has some power or history that is important to his master. Belos was exceptionally cruel to Beltran and was set fit to leave him naked while questioned. To save Dianthia's eyes I rested my cloak over him. Also, I feel as though he may have one time been a member of the Legion of the Creeping Asp as he shares some of my powers. As of now no one knows I share them. I'll keep things that way for the time being.

Diantha val'Emman: After some study of the Hurrian religion, I arrived where they were going to interrogate Beltran. A Zone of Truth was put up to keep him from lying, but it did seem to allow for some hedging of the truth as Beltran kept giving very vague answers. It was irritating. During the interrogation we found out the name of the slug-thing and that Beltran did not carry it anymore but still considered it his master.

There was also something going on about clothing and Beltran's possessions, but I couldn't see much, my eyes were covered.

Kweto Lucullus Divine magic is yet again stealing jobs from the honest working man. The professional torturer. The legionaries in the Patrol spoke highly of the Coryani torture squads. Guess I'll have to wait for another exhibit.

A little protection

A candle was given to Dianthia by Lady Zorah during lunch. Supposedly the candle will flicker when a certain power is around. The wall of fire encountered was used by a "Harvester of Ymandragor", a collector of those who use arcane power.

Mauritius: Dianthia was invited to a luncheon with Lady Zorah val'Assante to discuss our actions with Marcel. Though I do not know many details from the encounter, I do know that we were invited to be under the protection of the Sanctorum.

Diantha val'Emman:After much shopping was done to get ready, I was finally able to attend the lunch in a presentable manner and not in my armor. While it protects me in battle, it is just not fitting for a meeting between nobles. As I sat down to eat with the lady, she started to ask questions. Both of myself and of the people who I travel with. She had heard alot of us from Marcel Willhound and was impressed that we did not keep all of the money that he wish to pay us with. Apparently Marcell and his children are doing well. Before I left, the Lady gave me a red candle which would alert us to the presence of any spells cast by a Harvester of Ymandragor, who were the ones to call up the great wall of fire.

In the Market

Kweto talks with an arms dealer. Others shop.

Kweto Lucullus Took Mauritius with me to meet Elias. Seems he is looking for my sword, Akeldama. Found out the bounty was posted in Althares. Elias offered me a good price on my Doom of Chendo collection. I just couldn't bear to part with them yet. Maybe after I get some other pieces from other battle sites. Elias is definitely suspicious of my motives.

This land is your land, this land is my land

Alun Northstag, an Altherian human, is the group's next target. He went to the "western lands". He's a bard who may be able to help with finding out things -- including about the chalice.

Mauritius: Later that day, we had to act on the behalf of the church of Hurrian to negotiate with Klemens Halecki, a representative of Jasper Halecki, to have the church maintain possession of the chalice. Klemens said that he was to have ownership and possession of the chalice since he legally owns the land. We were able to convince him to leave the chalice under the protection of the church though he maintains full ownership of it. I believe the mentioning of the backtaxes really sealed the deal.

The final agreement was that Klemens would have a copy [made of inexpensive materials] of the chalice created, at his cousin's expense, so that the party may take that abroad. The chalice itself can remain in the care of the church but it is acknowledged that the chalice is the property of Jesper Halecki.

Diantha val'Emman: We were told by the church that there had to be more studying of the chalice done and that the next person to talk to would be a man by the name of Alun Northstag. As a bard, he might know something more about the chalice. We were also informed that Jasper Halecki has claimed the chalice as his own and that we are to negotiate so that the church may keep it.

The negotiations started out a little uneasily. Klemens Halecki was acting as a representative and did not wish to see reason but after some quick talking by several people, including my brother, we came to a final agreement. We agreed that the chalice would stay with the church and that it could not be moved without advising the Halecki first. A copy would also be made in case it would need to be taken for study. A final point which, for some reason, was made by our side was that Brand was to stay with us to make sure all of this was going as it should.

What are you, a wise goi? Gnuck, gnuck, gnuck

Mauritius: I awoke to the sound of Jayvin falling out of the window. There was a slight chanting outside by three individuals that wore starry robes. Jayvin was being very threatening and made them move to the other side of the building to worship a streaking comet in the sky. Evidently they were used to being persecuted and left without much argument.

Once I finally got back to a good state of rest there was a large bang from outside. A quick look saw that Utu was missing. Knowing her to be more level headed, I assumed that she was in real trouble so I grabbed what gear I could and ran outside to meet her.

She was facing an onslaught of four drunken miner that were at one time or another part of a militia and a man on horseback with a commanding presence. The miners fought with bloody efficiency while Utu did her best to keep the horseman at bay. Most of us were heavily wounded in the battle but we were victorious in the end.

Diantha val'Emman: The night was very eventful and highly tiring. We were first woken by Jayvin, who was very adamant about running off some old men who insisted on chanting toward a very weird sky and what they said was a comet. While this was somewhat entertaining, it was interfering with my rest. After the older men went around the corner of the building to continue their chanting, we were able to go back to sleep. Not too long after, we were once again awoken by a very loud explosion from outside. We raced out to find that Utu had started to fight with several guys and one on horseback who were attacking the old men from before. After many of us were injured we were finally able to knock the guys out and take the old men to safety.

We took them to the temple of Hurrian and when they recovered they told us that they were Magi for the Starry Host and that they go on spell pilgrimages.


Reward from the Magi of the Starry Host
Incense of Focus (3): Standard action to light, 30' radius, all inside gain +2 on Will saves vs mind-effecting effects.
Ansleigh's Wound Seal (10) Upon application it converts 1d6 lethal damage to nonlethal. One minute later it heals 1d3+2 damage and requires a Fort DC14 or lose 1d3 Wisdom.
Loot from Bigots
Scale Mail (5)
Light wooden shield (4)
Heavy wooden shield
Heavy Pick (4)
Lance, masterwork
Light Warhorse

Has this stuff been sold and distributed? There's quite a disjoint having things here and on the slush page... --Mqs 17:16, 18 July 2009 (UTC)

I assure you, everything has been distributed and sold off. Look under SLUSH and you will see SESSION 5 under SHARES. This shows the profit from this session, being SESSION 5. --Askewnotion 15:07, 19 July 2009 (UTC)