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Do You Want to Write for Anything Ghost?

Brick.gif Brick: Hey, yo! So I wake up to a phone call from Becca. Man, & it was my first day without practice or training with Kingsley! Oh, yeah! I've been trainin' with Kingsley! Last year, I was feelin' like I wasn't keepin' up with the others 'cuz they could do weird magic shit. Kingsley says that I got the potential to push my martial arts to the next level so she's teachin' me to hone my chi. I gotta admit her style is a lot more... boring than Hasselhoffian Jiu Jitsu, but I don't know, it makes me calm & some shit so it must be doin' some good. Anyway, I get the call, & she tells me that we need to meet at Brewed & somethin' about a fight at a club. Nothin' new there.

So we meet at Brewed & I'm thrilled I get to see the ol' group. Man, I missed them over the summer, but I had training camp pretty much the whole time & the martial arts stuff... I get my typical Americano & sit down.

When the others get their drinks, we talk about the fight. Apparently, 2 dudes duked it out at a club, but it was unusual 'cuz 1 guy ended up dead & the other was beaten so bad he was hospitalized. We decide that 1st we should meet the guy in the hospital.

James-icon.png James: What a dull couple of weeks it's been, in contrast to the past semester. I was at home, bored, watching some "Behind the Music" reruns on VH-1, and I got the call to go hang out at Brewed and talk about something new and interesting. Hells yeah!

As it turns out, Becca's now writing for that crackpot 'zine about ghosts. And she's on a story about a couple dudes who beat the shit outta each other in a bar fight. Now, I've seen plenty of these things, but never one that turned lethal. Something's up here.

Agony General Hospital

Brick.gif Brick: We go in & find out the guys in a coma. I start lookin' through a Highlight magazine as Becca goes in 'cuz we can only go 1 at a time. When she comes out, I go scrub up & go in. Kingsley's the cop on duty! Also, I didn't place the name before, but the dude in the coma is Rick Hanning! He's a starter on the soccer team, & we were talkin' about makin' him our kicker during the football season. Man, I'm gonna have to talk to coach about that.

James-icon.png James: It feels good to be back in action after the time off. I don't know why it always falls to my buds and I to figure out every weird thing that crops up near campus, but what the hell - I love adventure! The gang thinks it's a good idea to try to talk to the kid in a coma. Personally, I think it's a waste of time. But I hold my tongue and go along. I've been wrong before. They take turns trying to talk to him, but he's out cold.

Investigating Folk

Brick.gif Brick: After we get finished at the hospital, we split up to talk to people. I go with Becca to talk to the coaches. We find out from the soccer coach that Martin Eagleton (the dude who died in the fight) was on the baseball team & that Fabio Casalara got boosted to starter when Rick went to the hospital. Not only that, but Rick didn't have any record of violence.

Then we go to the baseball coach & find out that Martin wasn't a violent guy either. Man, that's weird for a fight that got a guy dead.

I also get to talk to Jaquan a friend of Rick's who works at Sheetz gas station. He also shot a video of the fight. I talk to him about the fight & he shows the cheerleaders that they were fightin' over. I luck out, 'cuz he also lets me hear this song by Catstar. She's s'posed to be like the Ukrainian Katy Perry. Man, that chick's a BA singer.

When I get back to talk at Brewed, I talk to the Barista who was also at the fight. She tells us it was pretty crazy. She also saw my pic of Robin on my phone. Oh yeah! Gassy got deported, but I kept his cat since he had to go so abruptly, & I got to know the little guy while I was feedin' him. Anyway, the barista chick thought he was super cute. Which he is. I promised to bring 'im around at some point.

I tell them about Catstar & they call Guy to get the album. We go to James' place & listen to it. That stuff is sooooo good!

James-icon.png James: I think the Catstar cover song is somehow key to the odd behavior. Like some sort of mind control or some shit. I ring up Guy, and of course he has a copy. he brings it by Brewed. After signing a bunch of ridiculous shit I have no intention of actually following, he lets me borrow it. We take it back to my pad, as I'm the only one with an actual turntable. We play it, and surprisingly, I like it. Scratch that - I LOVE this! So catchy. This will be stuck in my head all day - a major tune wedgie.



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