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Waking Up Groggy (Current)

Brick.gif Brick: Hey, yo! I wake up & EVERYTHING IS SORE! It feels like I did the hell week at football camp all over again! But I can't for the life of me, remember why I'm feelin' this. I mean, I'd remember if I got sloshed & got in a fight, right? I move as delicately as I can & find a sword next to me! Cool!

I also find that I'm still dressed. I check around in my pockets & find that I have a receipt from Achille's Meal so I decide to check it out...

James-icon.png James: Severe hangover. Ugh. Popeye is annoying the shit outta me. Maybe I should call the dog pound. Or the exterminator.

Achille's Meal and Meeting the Faerie (Flashback)

Brick.gif Brick: As I enter the Greek joint, I remember comin' here with my frat bros. I especially remember the nice owner givin' me a special order. Man, he piled on the fixin's on my sandwich. It was SWEEEET! I tried to order the same thing, but I forgot what it was...

As I left, full & happy I stopped by, I remember running across a fairy... It's coming back to me. It was a really EMO-y, goth-y fairy. She said I needed to contact the fairy chick that we made a deal with. What was her name again? Oh, yeah, Ainé.

Meeting with Ainé (Flashback)

Brick.gif Brick: I called up the gang 'cuz I remember we needed a bunch of stuff people love to call Ainé. I bring my new favorite sandwich from the Greek place.

We call her & only I can hear her! She tells me there's gonna be a tournament & I should represent the Seal-y court 'cuz bad guys shouldn't get the prize which is the Sword of Destiny (which sounds pretty impressive to me). She also gives me a riddle about where the tourney's gonna be. She goes slow so I can write it down. I explain this to the guys & show them the riddle.

James-icon.png James: Brick says we got to call up that Anye fairy lady again, so I gather up the stereo equipment, generator, and my treasured John Denver record. We head to the woods by the park again, and do the summoning thing. She show up and calls in the favor. Get a "sword of destiny" for her. Sounds like fun, so I agree. Cool. It's at some sort tournament, but we have to solve a riddle to get to it. Why can't this shit ever be straightforward? Do I really gotta pass an IQ test to do a fed-ex quest? Fuckin' fairies - whatever man.

Phipps Conservatory has Hacked Up Bushes (Current)

Brick.gif Brick: I pass by the conservatory on my way to Brewed & see that it's been torn up pretty bad. I look around & walk over to see what coulda done it & it hits me...

Jumped by Bushes (Flashback)

DM-d20.jpg DM: Jumped by bushes shaped like a horse, deer, elephant, and penguin.

Brick.gif Brick: ...Last night, I was here coming back from talkin' with Ainé & we were attacked by... bushes shaped like animals? Yeah, it was pretty weird. We ended up taking the shrubs down one by one, but then I spotted a nerd that was controllin' these things. I chased him into some non-animal bushes, but he disappeared. I was pretty disappointed. A nerd's never gotten away from be before...

Becca.png Becca: ... I called Chang to help us, he was unsure to travel with us any more with the never, never problems. He traveled with us a got clocked by a deamon and was knowed out. He wanted to go on a date with me if he came to help. I could not believe what I was hearing when I said YES. We were passing by the Phipps Con. when the bushes attacked. Brick ran after the bushes, and the deer charged at James, while the elephant charged Chang and me, I pulled Chang behind me and told me "I will protect You".

James-icon.png James: Well THAT'S a first! We neared the conservatory on campus, and the shaped bushes animate and pick a fight. We had to deal with them in the usual manner - aka tear them apart with mighty force. After we wrap up the episode of When Shrubs Attack, we see a familiar jackass in the bushes that was probably controlling the things. He ran away before we could "chat" with him about it.

Solving the Riddle, and going to the 31st Street Bridge (Flashback)

Brick.gif Brick: We got together at Brewed & thought out what the riddle meant. The first lines were X's & then a one so it made 31 & there was somethin' about a bridge... They explained it to me, but it was mostly over my head. I just nodded when they told me I needed to go to the 31st St. bridge.

We head over there & there's a tourney gettin' ready to start. A lot of factions are wantin' to compete for this thing. A Southern zombie soldier gives us a tour. Apparently, he's with a lota Southern undead soldiers named "Fightin' Dick". Pfft. Fightin' Dick. Heh. He seems nice enough so if this is gonna be a fight to the death, I hope I don't need to fight him.

He shows us some of the teams. One has a bunch of wolf-dudes & a scrawny guy in a hood who looks like their leader & a group with lizard men. We also see that they have a troll in a magic cage who doesn't seem to be happy. They're tellin' me that this is his bridge.

Anyway, my fights gonna be later so I go to watch Dick in his first round. Man, these things are brutal. Dick is matched up against a wolfman. I see Dick doin' good & then the hooded guy starts chantin' & suddenly Dick trips & the wolfman's on him. That's dirty pool. This guys obviously cheatin' so I call him out & throw my blessed football at him. It hits him full in the face which distracts the wolfman who Dick finishes off. The guy I hit turns out to be the nerd that attacked me at the conservatory. Everyone looks at me, & I yell that the guy cheated. Then all hell breaks loose. The troll breaks out of his magic cage & everyone's fightin' everyone. Nerd-boy goes for the sword, but he looses it, & I pick it up. Then the troll pounces on me...

Becca.png Becca: I'm not Kissing Chang. I'm thrown off with the pressure that I may need to Kiss Chang. Chi, make you mark, marks the spot, and remember your eye. Easy = X X X I (31st street bridge)

James-icon.png James: I have no idea what's going on with that goddamn riddle. Luckily, the other guys managed to figure it out. It's one of the bridges in town. That's where this tournament is being held. And we go.

This place is wacky weird. Armies of civil war undead, monsters right outta D&D manuals, a huge fuckin' troll (yes, under the bridge, like a goddamn cliche). We meet the bigger players, the tournament starts, and we witness some cheating going on. Brick ever-so-tactfully calls it out immediately, and then shit goes down.

There's fog and darkness, people getting mauled, Brick flying into his Hulk rage, and in the din I decide to track down the asshole with the sword. I use that handy new formula to seek out the individual. As I chase him down, I make the not so wise decision to slam him with my rectangle force blast. It worked, but also freed the huge troll from the magics that were holding him at bay. Uh oh. Giant troll not happy. He grabs me and hucks me quite a ways. Fuck, that hurt! But we manage to get things under control and make it out alive. With the sword. We're just that awesome, I suppose. Perhaps we should start charging for this shit!

Everyone has been Kidnapped, Sword is Ransom (Current)

Brick.gif Brick: I remember everything as I make it to the bridge & look out over the water. I get a message that my friends are kidnapped & I have to bring the sword to the nerd. I'm gonna have fun mashin' this little nerd...

James-icon.png James: Now that we got the sword, I put it away for safekeeping. In my lockbox at the bank.


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