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ReBecca.png Reba: After the whole fiasco with the ferris wheel and the sucky pop star I was worried that the rest of my time here in Allegheny was going to be totally nuts, but things seem to have hushed down. Now it's just lectures, dog walking, brewing my remedies, and hanging out with the engineering students.

Brick.gif Brick: Hey, yo! Summer's been fun. Things have been quieting down some so I've been focusing on football.

Hipster.gif Guy: So like, this summer was great. I didn't go to the beach with those plebs once. I thought for sure they were going to drag me out of my place and make me stand in sunlight for a while. I was way too busy listening to some hip records I found at the Goodwill. And I got a new sweater vest there too. It was killer man. Only time I really left was when I had to get food, or that one time Jerry had me come fix his 8-track. That guy is such a jerry, too. He likes his Mary Jane ironically.

Invitations to the Bacchanalia

ReBecca.png Reba: I was in the middle of the whopping huge jenga game with the other engineering students when this dork in a toga shows up. I thought he was just another frat boy who escaped the asylum, but turns out he was actually delivering an invitation to me for some fancy gala. Me and Joe checked out Dressuits to get me a dress.

I met with the other guys from the ferris wheel thing and it turns out we were all invited to the same shindig and it was some big shindig to celebrate James' wizardy growth. I guess stopping a pop star from becoming a goddess caught some folk's attention?

Brick.gif Brick: I was chillin' playin' some Halo when one of the guys downstairs says someone wants to talk to me at the door. I give the controller to Johnny & head to the door.

It's the servant dude for James' friend... What was his name... Uh... Dijon, I think... Anyway, the guy gives me a letter. I read it & it says James is havin' some sorta party in his honor! How sweet is that! Good job, bro!

Hipster.gif Guy: There was this weird guy in a totally deck toga who came up and gave me a weird piece of paper. It was an invitation to James' party thing, and I was stoked to go once I new what it was. I think I should bring a deck toga too, but I found Chang to be my plus and we settled on some tuxedos. Powder blue and orange. These are going to be so cool in a couple years, and we're already wearing them early. I'm okay with Chang being such a juicer, because I kind of owe him still for tasing him so many times.

Party at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History

ReBecca.png Reba: I was peeved when Joe couldn't come with me because he was busy, so I ended up flying solo to the party. But when I got there I met this Italian guy who was a magical blacksmith. We managed to spend most of the night chatting about enchanting. It was awesome.

I wasn't expecting to meet actual gods and everything in Allegheny. It's a good thing Joe didn't come. This would be hard to explain. Something happened with some gargoyle guards, but I guess it wasn't big. James got a toast and then an invitation to the enterouge of the host, this guy named Dion.

Brick.gif Brick: I bring one of the cheerleaders with me to the party. I find out that it may not have been my brightest idea. It's full of supernatural people & she's a little freaked out at first. I convince her that it's a costume party though. I go up to the buffet line for the fourth time, when I see Becca being pulled around by to Gargoyles in rent-a-cop outfits...

Hipster.gif Guy: This party has like, the best lettuce I've ever had. But they don't have any good drinks, just like this weird expensive stuff. You know how many cases of PBR I could get for the price of one of these bottles of champagne? Even with their drinks being so fin, it's a nice get together. I found Brick.gif Brick there, and tried to get him to stop eating all the meat. But the guy is midtown, and I don't think I'll ever get him to stop. At least I won't murder any animals tonight. Oh yeah, there was also some preme monster there, but with these guys that doesn't surprise me all that much anymore.

Raptor Shaman Encapsulated in Amber

Brick.gif Brick: ...I head over to see what trouble Becca's gotten herself into this time. She probably told the security they were dumb or something. She does that a lot. I tell Chang not to let croci-gator-man eat my date & head out to follow the security gargoyles.

When I get there, I tell them that she's not actually that bad & was probably just accidentally in the wrong place. They seem to get all confused & leave. So we skidatle while the gettin's good.

Hipster.gif Guy: So apperently Becca's gone and done something totally not cool, and so she's got some fuzz on her. I go to see if there is anything I can do, but apparently she got caught with her man-friend, some reporter guy, upstairs. They must've snuck off to have a little fun time and got interrupted. Even as much as it would be awesome to let her get spoiled over this, I've got to help out a friend. So I turned the guardgoyles off with a quick little command word.

Apparently there is a giant dinosaur thing going on upstairs. Those guys are so meta. I should go see what it is before the end of the night, so I can get a good luck before anyone else really does. I've got to be ahead of the crowds, after all...

Party Winds Down

Brick.gif Brick: After a while, we eat Basil-esque. I don't know why you'd want something that is like a vegetable, but they serve it. It actually tastes a lot like chicken...

I also get a chance to talk to the lucky award winner. I say hi to James. Dion keeps callin' him Jimmy which is hilarious. So I call him Jimmy, too. He's not so thrilled. He seems to be having a good time. The line starts getting long so I let him continue on hand-shaking & head back to the buffet line...

Hipster.gif Guy: You know like, a teapot? Yeah, that's the best way to describe this dinosaur. It's totally encased in amber, and there's some serious magic coming out of it. There's also this weird reinforcing spell around it, trying to keep it down. But it looks pretty old, so there's no way at all anything bad could happen. Right? Right.