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Brew:30 This Is Why We Always Have Construction

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Starring: James-icon.png James, Brick.gif Brick, Becca.png Becca, and ReBecca.png Reba
Guest Starring: Katarina Starkova, aka Quat Star, Guy, Abraham Crane, Rabbi Jonesenstein, Bruce Winsome, Chang, Jenny Cook
Challenge: Marching band siege of Rodef Shalom; Muppet fight; Faeries on a fireworks barge; Seducing Quat Star
Location: Brewed Awakening, Rodef Shalom, WQED Studio, Fireworks Barge
Date Played: 17 Feb 2013

Siege of Rodef Shalom

Becca.png Becca: If I hear someone tell me to call my Meemaw one more time I just going to ... hold on I should call Meemaw, Maybe she has some infromation about the alter or the mob, or Kat star. Well, this phone call is going the sameway as ALL MY CALLS, but she is going to send help. Wow, it's Guy and as I thought he was and is bad news. He has gone MAINSTREAM. I'm going to call him and get us some more time. I will use the fact that time requirments are so mainstream. Wow I can't beleave Guy lied to me the band is already playing oh look a T-Rex construction beast, some how i'm not supprised. I bet the plastic would melt under some heat. burn, burn, burn. Good James, and the new chick is on the roof with me. What James is on the phone with 911 and this new chick is asking him if we every faced 20' construction beast. Hey chick, yes we fight construction beast everyday. That is why there is a lack of construction areas around town, come on get a clue,we don't fight construction beast everyday. And James get off the phone and do something, I going to get upset, "WILL YOU TWO DO SOMETHING, IT'S NOT YOU PLACE OF WORSHIP, BUT"...CRAP I CAN'T BELEAVE IT JUST GRABED ME. You know the things that you think about when you are flying through the air ... like should I stay with Conan, if we break-up if he would crack again ... Crap the landing was not good. Burn, burn, burn there the beast ... crap it's going to fall on me ... ?RAINBOWS? cool its the gay bingo players, who would think the gay bingo are into magic. Well the alter is lost, but the danage to Rodef Shalom could be worse.

ReBecca.png Reba Next we know, the place is surrounded by hipsters, goin’ bananas. Guy gets up and tells us if we don’t hand over the Altar, he’ll blow the door down and get it himself. And we’re all ‘Like Hell, Jack’, but Becca buys us some time by sayin’ we’ll fork it over if he gives us a sec. But that’s when things really blew up. This big ol T. Rex made outta traffic cones comes up and tries to rip off the front of Rodef Shalom. Me and James are up here on the roof slingin’ hexes at the thing while Becca flamed that sucker up, and I have no idea what Brick was tryin’ to do. But get this, the school band romps on in from the back. We go back downstairs but Guy’s got the Sepulchre and we can’t do anythin’ because the band’s makin’ this force wall outta music magic.

Brick.gif Brick: Hey, yo! We're getting ready for the siege when Reba breaks the fire axe out. I grab it from her & put it back. The Rabi asks me to put the alter downstairs so I take it for him.

While I attack the construction cone dinosaur, Guy & the marching band sneaks in & steals the alter. I try to stop them but they have a shield that keeps me away.

Regrouping at Brewed Awakening

Becca.png Becca: Brick I can't belive you did not call Jenny Cook - your kids would be sooo avg. Nature's balancing act.

ReBecca.png Reba After THAT mess we head back to Brewed to figure out what to do. Turns out the Altar had a trackin’ device so we could figure out where they were schlepin’ that thing to, but then we found out Quatstar was plannin’ on makin’ an announcement at the TV Station. Since there’s no way I’m not gunna let that bitch that cut me get away, and Brick’s got an infatuation, he and I went to have a showdown with Katarina.

Brick.gif Brick: We meet up at Brewed & tell Abraham what happened. Jenny Cook's there. We decide to split the group up in 2. I gotta go after QuatStar. Reba goes with me...

Splitting the party—WQED Studios

ReBecca.png Reba Okay, admission time. We had absolutely zero plan. We were running on pure ragey instinct. Gettin’ into the station was easy because hipster security. We wander around and find the set for Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and King Friday pops up and starts slinging spells at us. Then Sweetums pops up behind me and does a number on me. Why the hell does Sweetums have claws? I swear, if I ever see another muppet, I’m gunna murder it. After we manage to knock ‘em cold, we get into the Studio and CROSS ME QUATSTAR’S RIGHT INFRONT OF US. We duck into a hallway and finally come up with a plan. I went down to flip out the lights so Brick could snatch the Spear from Quatstar, and that’s what went down.

Brick.gif Brick: We get to the studio & have no trouble getting in. When we find out where we need to go, we're attacked by King Friday & Sweetums. I took out Seetums. Yay, took his head right off.

I really didn't expect to get this far so I need to think of a plan... Yah, that's going to work well. I figure if Reba turns off the electricity we'll have an advantage.

I head in to confront my wife, but she doesn't remember me... That's sort of a let down. She's feeling... frisky so I go & make my move. She remembers who I am right before I score.

She tries to get me to help her take over the world but I decline. While I'm speaking with her, a ghosty spirit thing appears & slits her throat. I wanted her stopped, but not dead so I go to try to help her...

Splitting the party—Fireworks Barge

Becca.png Becca: I got this, we jump on to the boat and get the alter. Well, there are people on the ship, and fireworks well that is special. I will TK us bown to the ship and we will push the people off the ship and TK the atler to the shore. No problem. Realy, a sprite that screams at us knock her off, well, of courseshe can fly. Wow James is out, and Chang is frighted, I need to be a hero, I can't be influenced by her magic. Resist, Attack, move the harp to me, Resist, can't hold on.

Well, why am I in this field of sunflowers, they are so nice. :)

Oh, I remember we are fighting a sprite. I got to get the alter off the ship. Swim for it.