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Brew:45 Four bags of Hazelnuts (Finale)

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Starring: James-icon.png James, ReBecca.png Reba, Becca.png Becca, Brick.gif Brick, Miranda-icon.png Miranda, and Immogen-icon.png Innogen
Guest Starring: Popeye, Barton Crossland (Hunted Paranetter), Emma (British White Council Warden), Ninkasi
Challenge: Sobek, Fe, Ignis, Choosing to Join the White Council
Location: Brewed Awakening
Date Played: 05 March 2016

Enter Epsilon Alpha frat house, follow Brick to the basement where James is failing to create a decanter of endless brew in an ancient clay cup. Brick says that it’s time to head out.

Brewed, Reba and Becca are ordering coffee and Reba gets a call and steps away. Becca begins arguing with Purple Streak over the cost as we pan to Reba sitting down at the table with Innogen, who is wearing her We Be Witches name tag before work and watching “Love Actually” on her phone.

Brick and James enter just as Miranda runs by, trying to shoo a couple of squirrels out of Brewed. Purple Streak smiles broadly … at Brick.

Starts off with a Dating Frenzy

  • Innogen and Abraham go out on a date, which Innogen completely messes up while trying to emulate romantic comedies.
  • Brick and Purple Streak go out on a date and it goes horribly as well.

Meanwhile, real plot

James is trying to figure out what he needs to finish his Decanter of Endless Brew and learns that he needs a Salmon of Knowledge.

Reba gets a call from Waldo, the fishermancer in AK. There is a person in trouble and Waldo needs Reba to see that he arrives safely in Allegheny City and gets in touch with the local Paranet.

While Innogen is out on the date with Abraham, he does tell her that some paranetters haven’t checked in recently and he’d like to know if they would follow up?

Bus Station

Becca and Brick show up at the bus station to pick up Barton Crossland. He was possessed by a spirit about a year ago and forced to do unspeakable things. The White Council warden in Arkansas gave him a stern warning and pointed him to a group for help.

Being curious about the White Council and being really good with computers, Barton managed to unearth a treasure trove of information about the council from a poorly protected server.

Unfortunately his computer was counter hacked 48 hours later and the same warden paid him a violent visit, accusing him of being a warlock and not actually having been possessed. Barton barely made it out alive by running over the warden with his truck.

Brick and Becca manage to make Barton feel incredibly uncomfortable and barely manage to convince him to go with them. Becca is strongly advocating for turning Barton in to the White Council.

You'll be safe at the Frat House

Brick and Becca take Barton back to the frat house, where Reba and James have warded part of James' room for him. Reba is freaking out about being caught between the paranet and the council, and so she is long gone before Barton arrives.

Barton decides to bolt in the night and goes to the Highpoint House.

Meanwhile, James gets a late night visit from Emma, an English Warden of the White Council. She is hunting Barton for his crimes but she also wants to talk with James about his role in the world. She convinces him to visit the council's downtown office.

Innogen finally gets around to looking for missing persons

Innogen and the gang investigate the home of one of the missing persons and learns that Fe has started alternate paranet group called Occupy Avalon with the sole mission of toppling the White Council. The worst part is that he motivation—better representation for everyone and less strict laws—actually makes sense.

James picks a side

James goes downtown and is bluntly told by Emma that he is getting too powerful to go unchecked. His allegiance with Dion must be voided—causing him to break his word—and he must join with the council. James comes close to telling them to fuck off but instead decides that he can do better work from the inside.

Conflict at the Highpoint House

The cast tracks Barton to the Highpoint House but so does Emma. James arrives just as Emma is about to take Barton's head ... and he stands with her. An invisible Fe and Ignis stop the killing blow and seek to rescue Barton. Becca uses her mastery of air to spirit her and Barton away while Fe casts a spell to stop all physical attacks in the backyard while she and Ignis make an invisible escape.

Emma continues to seek out Barton while the cast have something more important to tend to.

Purple Streak is missing and Brewed has been burnt down

The cast shows up at Brewed to find it a charred mess. Abraham is in the hospital and it turns out that Purple Streak was working when it happened. No one knows what happened to her until Becca and Miranda enter the roped off cafe and encounter the Gambler. He sympathizes with Barton's plight and agrees that the council can be a bit myopic.

Heiroglyphics reveal a message, “The Oathbreaker will meet me in battle in the realm of the three-legged crow”.

Battle with Sobek

Sobek, the Egyptian crocodile god, is still upset that James broke his word to him. The cast knows that they have a slim chance to defeat him and devise a plan. They fashion reflective shields and hope to use the sun to change him into Sobek-Ra, a later, more peaceful version of the god.

Seeking out the Ninkasi

Before the battle James seeks out the Ninkasi, who tells James that Dion is aware of his broken word and that there will be repercussions. Her information now comes with a price—his love for Purple Streak. He surrenders it and is given the method to summon the Salmon of Knowledge.

Heading into the Egyptian Nevernever

Thanks to Meemaw, the cast is able to once more get to the realm of Sobek. The final battle is intense and James is quite hurt but the reflective shields do their thing and change Sobek into Sobek-Ra. Purple Streak is freed and her gratitude falls on Brick. James knows that he should feel something about this but he just doesn't.


James is sitting on a boat near the three rivers, relaxing and fishing, waiting to catch the Salmon of Knowledge...