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RPM:35 I Think Myself Out of Prison

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Starring: ๐Ÿบ Ildefons, ๐Ÿ˜ One-Tusk, ๐Ÿน Ehsan
Guest Starring: General Simeon, Stag Lady, Maude Dumont (Prestidigitator), Grace
Challenge: Being Imprisoned; Breaking out of prison
Location: High Horn Pass (Prison, Warehouse, Whitetail Bibliotemple)
Date Played: 23 Jan 2019

Getting Arrested

๐Ÿ˜ One-Tusk: I start our visit here by having a long talk with the General about what material comes in, and where that material goes. It's a bit of a shitshow, as those things go. He's evasive, non-committal, and just generally untrustworthy. Maybe he's fearful of the Stag Lady's power in this region? Or maybe he's already suborned. Either way, he should be fired. Out of a cannon.

Ehsan comes in a bit later, and as we're both frustrated, we both step outside, just in time to watch Ildefons get arrested.

๐Ÿบ Ildefons: I let my judgment take a break while I walk up to Maude, the Peacock prestidigiter from Condrol, and present to her the hairpiece of hers we knocked off before. I tell her she lost this, and I stand tall to make a show (for those watching) to make her uncomfortable. This should unsettle her. She's someone who's known for taking and keeping charge.

I am promptly (and improperly) arrested for being a Royal Pride member.

Breaking Out of Prison

๐Ÿ˜ One-Tusk: With most of my allies in prison or otherwise missing, or arguably Gerry, I have to be in multiple places at once. The first thing I do is check in with the local Trade Federation reps. They've been skimming shipments to "donate" to the Stag Lady's cause. That will need to be dealt with, but I've got other work to do- like slipping a vial of acid into the prison to get Ehsan and Ildefons out.

In the meantime, someone tries to menace me with a note about Gerry being kidnapped. I file that away in my list of priorities somewhere below "grow old".

๐Ÿน Ehsan: Honestly, this place just becomes more frustrating by the second. Arrested for wearing official colors? This is an affront to the government and the Pride! Those two fools who arrested Ildefons and I will rot in prison back in Lisway for this... but first we need to actually get out. Our attempts to distract the guards do not go over as well as we would have hoped, but eventually (thankfully) One Tusk manages to get smuggled in some acid to break the locks. Around this same time an explosion rocks the prison giving us an easy out and knocking the guards out for us.

๐Ÿบ Ildefons: Ehsan got into a fight with a guard. No surprise. She said OneTusk is on to something. We get to know the guards a little bit. I diagnosed Fronq with blightboil after he asked me to check him out when I asked him to bring people in for me to pass my time productively. He leaves to get other information and sends in Jacques as a replacement. We get a delivery of comestibles from OneTusk with tools to escape. We work on distracting Jacques to get me free, and then switch to Ehsan. She gets his attention during her getting out, and we knock him out.

The same guard that brought in Ehsan, Grace, and she get into a conflict. Both win. We are freed through a timely explosion upstairs (presumably OneTusk). Grace killed Jacques in a misfire.

Warehouse Meeting (Not an Ambush)

๐Ÿ˜ One-Tusk: With what aid dispensed, I go to a meeting with Simeone at the warehouse, prepared to be captured in a trap. To my mild surprise, it isn't a trap. Simeone is an Arkstone loyalist an dis willing to help us with out escape.

Reconvening at the Whitetail Bibliotemple

๐Ÿ˜ One-Tusk: My last contribution to the escape is to create a diversion. It's explosive, as one does. With the ensuing chaos of that and the escape, we escape out to the White Tail Bibliotemple, a Sillage-built structure.

We now have multiple problems: we need to deal with the Stag Lady, and we need to stop Condrol's invasion. And we need to do a little cleanup around here in the Trade Federation.