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RPM:38 Ildefons’as’saroud

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Starring: 🐺 Ildefons, 🐘 One-Tusk, 🏹 Ehsan
Guest Starring: Philibert Durand, Unnamed Condrol Army Sharpshooter,
Challenge: Defending the bridge against an army
Location: High Horn Pass
Date Played: 27 Mar 2019

An Advance Battalion of the Condrol Army Arrives

🐘 One-Tusk: The Condrol Army arrived, expecting the city in the hands of their allies. They're prepared to fight, of course, but they're expecting not to have to. We don't need to break the siege, once it starts, as we've got reinforcements en route. They may have the numbers, but we've got everything else on our side.

We start by delaying. I go out to negotiate. "Oh, the Stag Lady is ill," "Oh, we'd love to escort your diplomats and medics to meet with her to speed the negotiations," "let's have some tea". I give the diplomats a scenic trip through the city, knowing all the while they plan to launch a sneak attack, but Philibert has done… something. I can't directly engage in violence. So I don't- I play the fool, play the sergeant, and break their spirits.

Then it's back to the wall, where the real battle has begun in earnest. They know time is of the essence, so they bring out the artillery and rams as quickly as possible. This is their one chance to capture the city, and they know it. It's touch and go, we're slowly losing the Arret Du Bois, our best and strongest defense against the invading army.

And that's when Ildefons makes the decisive step to put an end to this battle.

🏹 Ehsan: I stay up in my snipers nest for most of the proceedings until the battle properly starts. While I wait for my allies to complete their distraction I see some trees go down in the distance, a problem that would reveal itself later when the battering ram shows up. I've managed to dig myself in well up here as no one seems to notice me until it's too late. Some well placed arrow shots allow me to eventually eliminate their general and wound many others, including halting their battering ram for a while.

🎲 DM Conflict Setup

The Bridge

Arrêt du Bois Gate (Antler Stop)

Aspects: New Construction; Limited Offense

+4 to Defend

  • Mild:
  • Moderate:
  • Severe:
  • Stunt—+2 Defend against structural damage.

Cale Ventre Gate (Belly Hold)

Aspects: Gate won’t close completely; Defensible Position

+3 to Defend

  • Mild:
  • Mild:
  • Moderate:

Dernier Passage (Last pass)

Aspects: Mostly for Show; Statue of Armand Girard, hero of the revolution

+2 to Defend

  • Mild:
  • Moderate:
  • Stunt: As long as the statue is in place, +2 to Create Advantage to help morale.

Condrol Army

Philibert Durand, Harbinger of Zusdarad the Bullfire

Aspects: Harbinger of Zusdarad the Bullfire; Servant of the Peace Tree

+6 to Diplomacy, Talking
+4 to use defensive magic against violence

**Aura of Peace**—In order to be physically attacked, the attacker must first **Overcome +5** this aura.
**Calm**—Once per scene, instill an aura of calm in one zone. No one in the zone may take violent actions without **Overcoming this vs his Diplomacy +6**.

Battering Ram and Ballista

+9 to opening doors; structural damage; damage to itself
+3 to defend soldiers

Stunt—When taken out, a new collection of soldiers may activate it again.

Unnamed Condrol Army Sharpshooter

Aspects: Sharp Eyes, Patient

Shoot, concentrate +5
Defend +3

Archers and Soldiers

+3 to attack/defend in their wheelhouse
+1 for other things

Stunt—Hwacha, once per scene you may make an area attack against everyone in a zone.


  • Worms from Sillage
  • Small group of Prestidigitators of the Raven
  • Siege Towers