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RPM:39 Team 2: First Blood

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Starring: 👁️ Avaline, 🔫 Bob, 🧰 Caisse, 🗡️ Sioban
Guest Starring: Unnamed Condrol Army Sharpshooter, Citrus Bark, Fili
Challenge: Hiding the Stag Lady's Body; Sniper in a valley; Recon on the Condrol Army; Freeing Filly from the enemy
Location: Beyond the High Horn Pass
Date Played: 03 Apr 2019

Hiding the Stag Lady's Body

🗡️ Sioban
In theory, the Stag Lady offered the residents of the High Horn Pass and the surrounding lands protection from both Condrol and the worst excesses of Arkstone. During the revolution, you could barely notice anything changing. But where was she when Condrol started scouting the region? Fuck her. I can't say we do a great job hiding her body, which just seems fair.
👁️ Avaline
Some clever trickery with magic here and there helps out with selling the Stag Lady's disappearance for now, but how they're going to sell this a week from now I have no idea. Not really my problem though! We have bigger fish to fry with our main mission.

Crossing the River and Encountering a Sniper

🗡️ Sioban
Approaching the Condrol army is tricky- we're traveling in a large group. Sure enough, we encounter a picket which turns into a sniper hidden in the brush. That takes longer to address than I'd like, but we leave the bodies behind and move forward.
👁️ Avaline
You know I'm surprised that even with our smaller group a scout managed to pick us out! We really tried taking the long route but... oh well I guess! I use my very awesome special covert movement training to get myself nice and close without drawing her attention before making her THINK she's seeing her perch on FIRE! That confuses her right quick and launches her out of the trees where we then tie her up and deal with her...NOT killing her though. Which is weird but whatever I guess. She'll be waylaid and won't be of issue which is all that matters I suppose.

Recon on the Condrol Army

🗡️ Sioban
The Condrol army is stretched out in a long line. It's quite clear, before long, that our target is in the rear of the force. Well, our primary target. I still hope to kill as many as I can.
👁️ Avaline
Using that sniper lady as a reference, I disguise myself (with magic, hehe) to look just like her! I can even use her voice as well~ It's so handy! This gets me right up into the enemy lines to get some information. But! They have prisoners and one of them is Filibert from back home! How in the world did he get out here??

Freeing Filly from Imprisonment

👁️ Avaline
I try my best to get Filly out of his binds and do eventually manage to crack them with my 'expert lock picking skills'. He's, understandably, confused with my presence, but I whisper to him who I am and he seems to get it. I try to sneak him out of camp but these damn guard stop me. Getting them off my tail is so annoying so I just let them follow us out before me and my companions jump them and tie em uuuup. My comrades seem disappointed in me though....I can sorta see why? Filly isn't exactly combat ready, but I couldn't just leave him there!

Destroyed Village, Saint-Benoît-du-Sault

👁️ Avaline
Man this place is suuuuper messed up. This dragon called "Zustorad"(?) the Bull-Fire (scary name) waltzed through and razed the place! Wish we could go take out the dragon but it's not our mission (unfortunately). I hope these people do turn out ok though. Hopefully Filly will be alright here as well.