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Vat:10 Night at the Museum

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Starring: Koz.gif Koz, Muscle.gif Amiri, and Joseph.gif Joseph
Guest Starring: Julianna Hatfield
Challenge: Joseph throwing rocks; Animated lion statue
Location: Carnegie Museum
Date Played: 08 October 2012

Amish Rocks Cause Problems, Never Would've Guessed

Joseph.gif Joseph: My recovery in the hospital was much faster than I reckoned it would be. The medicine of today is so much more efficient. And a might bit costlier too. I question 'em on the why and cost of everything and find that most of the folk who are gettin' care don't typically care about these thangs.

Once I'm up and about, with the aid of a cane, I would mention, we're givin' a new assignment. Apparently those rocks we ferried from Rhode Island might be the center of a mystical issue for the Carnegie Museum. We're connected with Julianna Hatfield, who is the lead investigator of the rocks. We are told that they originate from Caernafon in Wales. This reminds me of my paper's rejection, and the salt in that would stings.

By Ms Hatfield's reckonin', things about the museum are coming to life at night and most of those things be happenin' above the dock where the rocks are held.

Muscle.gif Amiri: Joseph is laid up in the hospital for a while, which lets me connect back with the company. I find that our mission with the rocks is coming back to haunt us. We find that there are some strange happenings at the museum and it may be linked to our delivery. Paddy puts us in contact with a Julianna Hatfield, the person in charge of the exhibits.

Staying Overnight at the Museum

Muscle.gif Amiri: Our cover is that we are extra security and investigation for the museum. I was under the assumption that there are people out to steal the rocks, but I was wrong. I wasn't being weird enough. It appears that dead and inanimate exhibits are moving.

We split up to investigate, while Joseph stays near the rocks to feel out the area. I decide my time is best spent looking through paperwork and the computer to find out more about the rocks and what is going on.

I didn't get very far before Joseph is freaking out over the radio. He says he sensed death and it was coming from an Egypt exhibit in storage. Other guards also come and we had to diffuse the situation. We assure him that Joseph's nerves are just a little frayed.

Aside from the feeling of death, Joseph had a sense of frustration and disarray from the rocks. That also appeared to respond with a form of life energy when exposed to essence.

Attacked by the Exhibit, and I'm Not Lion

Muscle.gif Amiri: Investigations were cut short when a guard radioed that there was a lion on the loose in the museum. We quickly ran up the stairs to the jungle exhibit area. Koz and I easily outpaced everyone else and made it to the scene first.

We were sadly too late, as the guard was mauled to death. Koz decided to scare away the lion by making himself large and yelling a lot. Obviously, he has never dealt with a lion. He got pounced on and raked. I gave the lion a swift kick to the nose and it backed off. When everyone else got upstairs it decided to retreat back to the habitat area. Once it was back inside, the gate was shut behind it to lock it inside.

An ambulance was called. It was written off as some kind of gas that drugged us, making us hallucinate everything. We are taking off the case, as things got too weird to explain. We will probably revisit this late.