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Vat:11 Saddle Up A Greyhound

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Starring: Koz.gif Koz, Paulineicon.gif Pauline, and Joseph.gif Joseph
Guest Starring: Linka
Challenge: Joseph stealing a magic rock; Pauline breaking said rock
Location: Carnegie Museum, Presby (now known as the VAT hotel)
Date Played: 29 October 2012

Stroke of Midnight (Outside of Session)

Muscle.gif Amiri: I don't know how Jorgan found out about my little adventure, but it looks like the VAT approves. He agreed to keep my vigilantism a secret, which I appreciate. It's sad to say, but I feel I do more good doing this than most of the VAT jobs I've had so far.

I'm evidently not the only one that took with the costume idea as well. Stories have cropped up about some person in a purple and black body suit using some "unknown explosive" to go on a spree of bank robberies in New York. Needless to say, this was also a special individual.

Jorgan told me that such blatant uses of power can end up putting some light on VAT, something the people upstairs don't want to deal with. I was told to take down this individual as discretely as possible and bring them in. I was a little hesitant at first, until I found that this person injured an innocent little girl in one of the explosions.

I rode to New York, looking for a contact Collins had for me in the department. He sent me up here as PR rep sent by VAT to put a positive spin in the media. I was brought into the station and shown a map of where he hit and any non-confidential information they had. While in the room, I dd a lot of head nodding and yes-manning as I was paying attention to a conversation on the other side of the room. They expected the culprit to hit one of three locations. I decided to try my luck and go for the armored truck.

Lucky me, my intuition was right. I was able to get the drop on him, literally. While the culprit was waiting around the corner, I dumped down from the building above right on top of him. To my surprise, he popped. You know, just like a balloon. A purple gas escaped from the shredded suit, trailing an occasional spark and small fan of flame. My wits escaped me as the being went through a sewer grate.

I was left in the alley with this plastic suit, not knowing what to do next. I went back to my hotel and pondered what to do. A thorough examination of the suit led me to a bar code inside the thigh as well as some random letters and numbers. Not knowing what to do with it, I called Jorgan. He told me to sit tight, and not a few hours later he got me a name and address for a place called Tennamin Plastic in Stamford Connecticut, a factory that makes custom polymers. Jorgan told me to check out the place to see if they could put a name to the product.

I arrived at the factory and tried to talk my way inside. I didn't get very far with my cover as an interested consumer. Evidently my idea of natural plastics wasn't well thought out. I didn't give up, though, and broke in with the cover of night.

Once inside, I found security to be rather non-existent. I made my way to the main office; a dirty, cluttered room that overlooked the work area. I found that the only recent purchaser was a man called Billy O'Cionaoith from New York.

I was wrapping up to get ready to leave as I noticed the purple cloud emerge from an emergency drain in the floor. I took cover as I slowly watched it form into a rough shape of a human. It didn't appear very strong, as it struggled to pull at reams of plastic. I continued my surveillance until I noticed the figure eventually reached a ream that it could easily manipulate. I took that as my cue to get subdue it.

This was yet again not well thought out. While swinging through this... thing... I realized I don't know how to hurt mist. This mistake was personified as it shot out rapid jets of purple mist that violently erupted in a cascade of concussive flame.

I was running low on options, and even lower on cover. Suddenly, a really bad idea struck me. I decided to go with it since my "good" ideas haven't really be paying off lately. I ran to the big red button on the wall with the "Emergency Ventilation" sign above it. I smacked it on and the fans overhead quickly whirled to life.

The vents were an easy 30 feet high, and I knew it was a one-in-a-million chance, but I clinched my eye and took a leap of faith. My faith was rewarded as I soared through the air and ripped the venting tube from its housing. I turned the opening to the mist and it quickly sucked it up.

I grabbed the plastic roll that it seemed to be able to interact with and made my way to the filters. I yanked out the filters, noticing they were encrusted with a thick, violet film. I quickly wrapped them in the plastic as tight as possible and stood back. The mist being struggled inside the plastic, but did not seem able to escape or cause any fire. I guess that explained the nozzle tip of the fingers in the other suit. Fire needs some oxygen to burn.

With the being contained, I made my way back to my hotel in Stamford. I called back to base, and was told to head to Rhode Island as opposed to coming back to Pittsburgh as the rest of my team was in trouble.

Unable to hide my second life and store the baddie correctly, I tossed out my spare tire from its wheel housing in the rear and put my costume and the plastic wrapped filters in its place. I bought a pad lock and placed in on as well. I have a lot of trouble in the wheel housing, and I can't afford for either to come out. Lets hope this is a quick trip.

NOTE: Left this open so you can add aspects and whatnot to the vehicle/situations/what-have-you.